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Mon Dec 31, 7: Fri Apr 23, 7: Could anyone tell me what the heck these things are? What they’re used for? Perhaps even how to program them? Any help would be apprieciated. They are Programmable Array Logic chips. Here is the link: Sun Apr 25, 6: Wed Apr 28, 4: Hi Everyone, Note, the last time that I checked, the 16L8 wasn’t reprogrammable.


This means that if it was already programmed you might not be able to program it again. Please check the data sheet. Thu Apr 29, 6: I shoulda known that I’m using an HP series laptop with a messed up serial port Fri Apr 30, 1: The 16L8 has no internal state, and few enough inputs that it’s practical to wire up switches and LEDs and write the truth table by hand.


I did that once in my previous job: If they were “rescued” from boards, they will already be programmed. Unless they happen to be programmed in a way that you can use, they’ll be useless.

Sat May 08, 4: Any ideas on how to do a hex dump on these chips and then have the hex converted to assembly?

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I imagine I could figure out dataeheet circuit and even write the results I don’t know binary datassheet am only beginning with assembly. I rescued them from a store that specializes in ancient computer stuff among other things they came in a plastic IC holder that contained 17 of these chips.

They don’t look like they’ve ever been used Lyos Gemini Norezel wrote: PALs are not like ROM chips – yes they are programmed devices, but the programming is a representation of logic equations, not machine code.

Older ones, made in the s, use fusible links and dataxheet only be programmed “blown” once. Also, PALs were made in certain hardware configurations with descriptions like “10H8” or “12L2” – the first number is the number of inputs, the letter is High or Low-true outputs, and the last number is the number datashest outputs. Therefore, a “12L2” has 12 inputs, and two low-true outputs. GALs do not have predetermined inputs or outputs.


A 16V8 GAL has up to 16 inputs and up to 8 outputs. You can feed it a set of equations with 2 inputs and 8 outputs or vice versa – whatever you need. They are useful for building address selectors for implementing a memory map on a processor – you could literally take A8-A15 from aand program the GAL to output chip selects for up to 8 address ranges anywhere in memory, on a page boundary.

If you needed to determine chip selects for more than that, you could go with a larger GAL like a 22V10 or chain two 16V8s together.

16l8 25cn datasheet pdf storage

They are very handy little devices and can save a lot of work in building small computers. The fact that some of your logic isn’t written in stone can allow some 16o8 creative results. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

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