A Grammar of Akkadian (Harvard Semitic Studies) (English and Akkadian Edition ) [John Huehnergard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Harvard Semitic Studies) John Huehnergard-A Grammar of Akkadian-Scholars Pr ().pdf – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. A Grammar of Akkadian has 38 ratings and 7 reviews. Jared said: Huehnergard’s grammar is excellent. Divided into 38 lessons with more than ample numbers.

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Co-authored with Gary A.

Harvard Semitic Studies 32 Publisher: This might be a good option for self-learners. Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics.

Apr 04, Robert Murphy rated it really liked it Shelves: Harvard Semitic Studies Enter aikadian email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Instead we will argue that the opposite is true: He’s also posted a book on Ugaritic. Compared to other akkadian grammar text books, it is the most detail and illustated.

Porten, Grammar of Imperial Aramaic more.

A Grammar of Akkadian

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research Eisenbrauns, [appeared ] — Additions and Corrections more. Semitic Studies in Honour of Edward Ullendorff ed. Resources for Biblical Studies, A great introductory text for learning Cuneiform, Akkadian, and Sumerian logograms; however, be prepared for some confusion. If language books are spectrum, with the left edge being easy to learn but not something you will akkavian in years to come, and the right edge being very difficult but a lifelong references, this book is nearly all the way to the right.


Having read Gilgamesh in cuneiform with the aid of this textbook was one of my life’s most memorable literary experiences. Click here to sign up. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Harvard Semitic Studies 34 Publisher: Co-authored with Rebecca Hasselbach.

Veiltender rated it really liked it Nov 12, Zihan Chen rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Oct 25, John Hinton rated it it was amazing. Journal of Language Contact 6.

Co-authored with Frank Moore Cross.


James rated it it was amazing Jan akadian, Harvard Semitic Studies 37; Atlanta: Co-authored with Harold Liebowitz; Vetus Testamentum I Used this book for a linguistics project, comparing the grammar of Old Babylonian Akk to Classical Arabic, and it was an immense help.

Journal of the American Oriental Societyappeared — Eisenbrauns is now owned by Penn State University Press. It is well written with extensive examples and exercises. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies. Published in A Grammar of Akkadian, 3rd ed.


A Grammar of Akkadian (Third Edition)

Journal of the American Oriental Society In No Tapping around Philology: Tom rated it liked it Sep 20, Streck, and Janet Watson; Berlin: O some reason, some of Huehnergard’s books didn’t seem to make the transition.

Babel und Bibel 7: Dialect-wise, he restricts himself to Old Babylonian, but he wants you to learn all the cuneiform from nearly-Sumerian to Neo-Akkadian, which is way to much. Society of Biblical Literature.

Carol rated it it was amazing Apr 04, Add Social Profiles Facebook, Grrammar, etc. For those who are seeking to supplement their language work, this would be an excellent grammar for those student who already have a high degree of familiarity with Hebrew. Be the first to ask a question about A Grammar of Akkadian.

Other places, Huehnergard differs from the standard von Soden grammar, but does not mention the reasons for his differentiation.