– Buy Abirami Andhathi Abirami Ammai Pathigam book online at best prices in india on Read Abirami Andhathi Abirami Ammai Pathigam. The presiding Deity is Amrthakadeswarar His consort is Abhirami. This temple is associated with the stories of Markandeya and Abhirami. ABIRAMI ANDADI-ABHIRAMI PATTAR அபிராமி அந்தாதி “Kala Samhara Moorthy Pathigam, Murugu Venba and Abirami Ammai Pathigam.

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Right from his childhood, Subramaniya Iyer was drawn to the temple and the Goddess. Vazhuvur – where the Elephant was fleeced. February 7, at 9: The print is of large size, and you would have ample space to add your notes and interpretations besides the beautiful lines of Abhirama Bhattar!

The places which are associated with the prowess and valour- Vira stalam- of Shri Parameshwara are eight and Thirukkadaiyur is important among them. He sat upon the platform and prayed to the Goddess Abhirami to save him.

The area around the temple sparkled with bright light. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Jamalapuram Venkateswara Swami Organization. He would sit in a corner of the temple meditating upon the Goddess and singing her praises.

While singing the 79th song stating that Her merciful eyes have got super power and she is the ocean of blessings with no limits.


Abirami Pathigam

It is 22 Kms from Mayiladuthurai and 8 Kms from Porayar. The king wanted to test who he was. The Lord in the form of Kalasamaharamurthy, in the copper idol, looks furious, majestic,waving the Shoola on Yama and hit him by the left leg. One day King Saraboji, abiramo this temple when devotee Subramanian was meditating.

But, the Chief priest of this temple told, that he was a deep devotee of Goddess Abirami. Lord Shiva advised the Devas to apologise to Lord Vinayaka to get back the nectar pot.

The king asked the devotees who were in the temple who that man was.

Abirami Pattar – Wikipedia

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The Linga is swayambu. Showing of 1 reviews. Chinthamani added a new photo.

The Abirami pattar has made the string of verses for the benefit of all xbirami whoever chanted the Antadi with devotion shall attain all prosperity and blessings. One day, the King visited the temple abirrami pay homage to Lord Shiva. Adipooram, Navarathri, Poornimas, are very devotionally observed in the temple. Raama Naama Bank Organization. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? The nine planets have no power here, all devotees coming here perform pujas to the KalasamharaMurthy only.


This flower is used only for the God and should not be used for human purposes. Shri Abiramito adhere to the wordings of Abirami pattar, her devotee, materialized before him in this temple and brought full moon with dazzling light in the sky on zbirami new moon day at Thirukkadaiyur.

Immediately realizing his mistake, Subramaniya Iyer supposedly lit a huge fire and erected a platform over it supported by a hundred ropes.

If you are really interested to see God, you are supposed to do meditation and prayers to receive His Divine Blessings. Subramaniya Iyer was born to Amirthalinga Iyer in the village of Thirukadaiyur. One of the devotees told the king that he was mad thinking the other women as Amman and used to shower flowers on them.

Abirami Pattar

Overcome with ecstasy, Subramaniya Iyer composed 21 more verses in praise of the Goddess. This is the holy soil that gave birth to Abirami Pattar.

The King Saroboji got angry and ordered to push Subramanian into the burning fire at evening if the Moon did not appear.