Post AFVA , Air Force OSH Program Visual Aid, conspicuously so personnel have reasonable access to it. Ensure that. Document AFOSH training on AF Form 55, Employee Safety and Health Record. Post AFVA , Air Force Occupational Safety and. AFVA with Points of Contact. Safety Bulletin Board or Shop Safety Book. AF Form Example. Shop Safety Book. Material Safety Data Sheets for.

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Do employees have documented training? Are office ergonomics considered when attempting to fit the job to the person?

AFI para 8. Mishaps over past 12 months. Inspection of Safety Equipment. Maintain ceilings in good repair and free of loose plaster. Are space heaters approved by local fire protection afvq, 36 inches from combustibles, unplugged when unattended, and plugged directly into wall receptacle? Has a fall protection program been developed?

Uniform Fire Code Units with a limited xfva of riders may establish a common MSR s across multiple organizations. In the case of primary protection, other protective devices such as safety goggles shall be worn. Do all employees who perform work above 4ft, where PFAS systems are available have required training?


Guarding of Live Parts. Emergency Procedures AFI 6. Does this unit have a specialty vehicle program? Is leadership actively involved in safety? USRs shall conduct and document monthly spot inspections in conjunction with facility managers when possible and IAW paragraph 3. AFI 1.

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Openings in ceilings can delay activation of smoke detectors and sprinkler heads. Commander shall ensure all personnel are briefed on the findings and recommendations contained in Bioenvironmental Engineering industrial hygiene surveys and reports.

Is the written confined space program approved and signed by the commander? Portable, mobile or temporary food service equipment that uses grease or oil, such as donut machines and deep-fat fryers, shall be located beneath a system complying with paragraph 6. Supervisors shall perform a self-assessment of work environments using these procedures at least annually. AFI para Are all defects, such as floor tiles, broken steps, torn carpet or curled mats identified until repaired or replaced?

Compressed Air Lines Safe. Create your own in minutes. Stairs and ramps shall be lighted so all treads and landings are visible.


Establish emergency procedures to rescue persons incapacitated in the confined space. Stairs less than 44 inches wide with both sides enclosed shall have at least one handrail, preferably on the right side going down. Are chemical inventories available? Tap to enter information.

Afva 125 17

Laminated devices tags are acceptable. Ensure doors leading outside open easily. Floors, aisles and passageways shall be kept clear and in good repair, with no obstructions, free of defects that can endanger workers or interfere with handling of materials, or hinder people leaving during emergencies. Send us your form pdf, excel, word and we will convert it into iAuditor for free. Ensure AF FormNotice of Hazard, issued by safety, fire protection and Bioenvironmental Engineering officials is posted to alert employees to the hazardous conditions.

The filters 91-3007 be continually maintained in proper operating condition and shall fit properly. Can anchorage connectors withstand a pound load for each PFAS connected?