First published: 05 November Reviewing two of the latest reports by social mobility tsar, Alan Milburn and ‘social justice’ champion, Iain Duncan Smith . Alan Milburn’s social mobility report – summary · • Lunchtime summary · • Afternoon summary. Alan Milburn is publishing his report on social mobility. Photograph: Matthew Fearn/PA. am: .. MichaelWhite (@MichaelWhite) May 30, Milburn’s report – the first of three on social mobility commissioned by In , nine out of 10 of those companies were offering vacancies in.

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News Politics Politics live with Andrew Sparrow.

Alan Milburn publishes social mobility report: Politics live blog | Politics |

My colleague Michael White is impressed. More from Politics live with Andrew Sparrow.

As the Press Association reports, he unveiled the changes to introduce greater flexibility to allow more parents to take advantage of the scheme — already used by more thanthree- and four-year-olds.

Journalism, with some honourable exceptions, does not seem to take the issue of fair access seriously. Milburn says across the professions as a whole, “the glass ceiling has been scratched, but not broken”.

Live in harmony with one another; soocial not be haughty, but associate with the lowly; do not claim to be wiser than you are. Fair Access to Professional Careers: Skip to main content. Alan Milburn, the government’s reviewer of social mobility, publishes a report. Here’s an afternoon reading list. Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page? It considers how these opportunities have changed sincewhen Alan Milburn issued a call for action to employers and Government milburb tackle barriers to fair access.


An e-petition on the subject has been launched, the Green MP Caroline Lucas has recorded a YouTube video putting the case for parliamentary job sharing and the Labour MP John McDonnell is planning to present a minute rule bill on the subject.

The FCO subsequently admitted that fewer than a third of cars in its embassies around the world were made in Britain. Please tell us what format you need. As John Plunkett reports, Cable, in his witness statement, said he was told that several Lib Dem colleagues were approached by News Corp representatives “in a way I judged to be inappropriate”.

He was saying that the expansion of the professions would create significant opportunities. What these regions have going for them from an employer’s perspective is there is a youthful labour market and a cheaper labour market. Patrick has also written an analysis about how the parties disagree on how to promote social mobility. It means that others — perhaps with equal or better claims on a career in journalism — are excluded from consideration.

It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use. At the time of the riots in Brixton, Bristol and elsewhere, the most incisive analysis of the reasons appeared in The Economist. The short answer is not yet.

You can follow the proceedings on our Leveson live blog. PDFKB89 pages. So there would be no difference between job sharing MPs in relation to voting.

Alan Milburn: ‘Threat to new era of social mobility’

But its progress is too slow. In the unlikely event of a disagreement between job sharing MPs, their votes would cancel each other out and they could decide not to vote. We have few teachers who live near to their downtown schools, no lawyers who live near to their poor clients, precious few doctors who live near to their surgeries, hardly any police who live in the difficult areas they patrol, and even church and chapel ministers are now tending to live away from their church communities If there is transparency accountability follows.


Policy paper Fair access to professional careers: Milburn has been giving interviews this morning and, although there is some evidence that social mobility has stalled in recent years, he struck an optimistic note.

We commend these efforts and would like to see other professions following suit. Topics Social mobility The Observer.

With the Commons in recess, and the Diamond Jubilee extended bank holiday weekend looming, Westminster politics is not really firing on all cylinders at the moment.

In a Mumsnet chat before the general election, he said that job sharing at Westminter would help to get more women into parliament. Milburn’s report — the first of three on social mobility commissioned by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg — will tell ministers that the recruiting policies of big employers are largely responsible for the lack of social progress.

Data collected for this report indicates that the next generation of our country’s lawyers, doctors and journalists are likely to be a mirror image of previous generations.

And the short answer is: What they lacked was local leadership. At the moment electoral law does not allow an MP repport job share. Which is of course why the government has done it. Here are the key points.