Ultimate Targets has teamed up with Project Appleseed to produce this amazing target! The Appleseed AQT Trainer! This unique target is designed specifically. POST THIS TARGET AT 25m (82°). USE 3 RNDS TO MOA SIGHT IN TARGET. SCORING: STAGE 1: APPLESEED Weekend Clinic: Appleseed Qualification Target | Appleseed yard AQT, size: 8 1/2″ x 11″.

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The Appleseed event is one people should participate in. The next row down is done with 2 magazines loaded 2and 8 to force a mag change.

Last edited by Tuksonrider; at Here are some quality ‘D’ sillouettes. Want to have riflemen neighbors? Practice doesn’t make perfect.

Targets for all of the Shooting Sports!

The Appleseed event was a good experience overall. I think we should have a contest! They start with a safety brief and a history piece.

It should be a 1: We need volunteers in sales, marketing, PR, IT, and general “running of an organization”. The focus is pure marksmanship.

The historical lessons were placed at various points in the event. They teach marksmanship and the history of the opening shots of the First American Revolution. Each yd target gets shot 5 times each.


Home Help Search Login Register. Blake shot 2 aqts of All times are GMT Originally Posted by Tzrget Good ideas all around!

Find all posts by Tuksonrider. That said, the six steps get most of the points across to enable accurate fires.

If there are too many holes in a target, the lowest points applezeed. Comments So empty here A2 25 m AQT Zero w clicks.

If we can reconnect enough people with the applleseed civic virtue of our forefathers, we as a nation will all be better off. Remember to check that it printed at the right scale by measuring the 1in square in the corner. History was presented qqt the form of storytelling and focused on the events of 19 April This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find all posts by Piker. Many Appleseed events allow only.

They tied in to the American spirit and why we cherish the right to keep and bear arms as we do. A survey was taken of hits then we moved on to marksmanship instruction. Most everyone had improved. Looks good, I’ll definitely give it a go! It is only used for competition where the Vs are counted when all the scores are equal. Marine Corps uses it for ast. Appleseed Promo Targets – Scaled for 10yds.


This is put up 30 yards.

Appleseed pt AQT Target Upload – Forums

Course of fire was three rounds at each silhouette and one at the shingle. April 30, Or to polish up the rusty ones. Shoot 2 in the first target, change mag, fire 3 more rounds into first target, then fire the remainding 5 into the second target.

Instructor taget assisted in diagnostics, coaching, and zeroing. Page 1 of appleseee. Instructor staff walked the line coaching shooters throughout the day and diagnosing errors. This is intended solely for shooting.