AS — Australian Standard®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 1: Design and construction. Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct You will be required to comply with this standard if you intend to operate a distribution system. A distribution system is a system of pipelines, mains, and gas . Could anyone of you please post the AS standard that’s meant for ” Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Design and construction”??? in which i need to.

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A value of 1.

Marker signs shall— a indicate the approximate position of the pipeline, its description, the name of the operator, and a telephone number for contact for assistance and in emergencies; b indicate that excavating near the pipeline is hazardous; and c include a direction to contact the pipeline operator before beginning excavation near the pipeline.

For 28855.1 toughness steels, the critical defect length CDL may be calculated from: Some 2885.1 gas compositions require higher arrest toughness at temperatures higher than the design minimum temperature.

For composite material, appropriate requirements shall be established to replace the hydrostatic strength test endpoint provisions of AS Assurance should be sought from the valve manufacturer that the valve body and seals are suitable for the required service conditions.

Where an existing pipeline is hydrostatically pressure tested to re-establish its MAOP then the minimum and maximum strength test pressure shall be determined within the constraints of the pipeline system, having regard to the remaining corrosion allowance, the flanges or fittings and any other constraint.

Pressure strength for a pipeline or a section of a pipeline is the minimum of xs strength test pressures of the test sections comprising the pipeline or the section of the pipeline. They shall have the pressure strength, ductility, fracture toughness, 2885., temperature rating, and design life specified by the engineering design. It is emphasized that failure is not restricted to loss of containment.

Where the outcome is 28851., the analysis shall determine the mode of failure and if applicable, the energy release rate at the point of failure, as inputs to the consequence analysis. The appearance of the fracture surface is crystalline.


An assessment of the implementation and effectiveness of all threat controls shall be made at each operational review.

The physical controls applied shall be demonstrated to protect the pipeline from the specified threat. Pipeline safety management shall be an ongoing process over the life of the pipeline.

The above equations apply to through wall defects only. The Licensee shall ensure that pipeline safety management activities are carried out by suitably qualified, trained and experienced personnel.

This standard specifies the requirements for the design and construction of pipelines used for the transmission of liquids such as:. Significant changes to this Section include the following: Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed Control of fast tearing fracture is not required.

Please 285.1 and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Industrial location class shall be assigned to any portion of pipeline where the immediately adjoining land use is industrial. The environmental management plan shall address emergency situations. Appendix L does not deal with materials other than carbon-manganese steels and expert advice is recommended for other materials.

The revision also reflects the results of a significant and ongoing industry funded research program undertaken by the Australian Pipeline Industry Association and its research contractors, and through its association with the Pipeline Research Council International and the European Pipeline Research Group.

Environmental studies may be required by the relevant authority. Where ongoing action is required, a reporting mechanism to demonstrate action shall be established, implemented and audited.

Residential applies where multiple dwellings exist in proximity to each other and dwellings are served by 288.1 public utilities. The process safety of stations, pipeline facilities and control systems shall also be reviewed by HAZOP and, as appropriate, by other recognised safety study methods.

B the level of eccentricity 2885.1 in seamless pipe shall be established, and the resulting minimum 285.1 wall thickness shall be adopted in design calculations see Clause 5.

Equipment shall be provided az isolate a pipeline or segment of a pipeline from pressure sources that could provide pressure higher than the MAOP of the pipeline or segment. The energy release rate shall be calculated for quasi-steady state conditions that exist 30 seconds after the pipeline puncture.


Australian Standard AS Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum – Design and Construction

Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed Valves shall be installed so that, in the event of a leak, the valves can be expeditiously operated. Except as provided in Clause 3. The reduction in yield strength shall be 0.

The break should preferably be at or adjacent to the first valve off the pipeline on the side of the valve remote from the pipeline. Components shall be cleaned, examined and where required reconditioned and tested, to ensure that they comply with this Standard.

Where this Standard is applied to fluids a than gas and liquid petroleum, a gap analysis shall be conducted to identify the differences between the www. Significant changes to this edition include the following: Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed This isolation and depressurization equipment shall be defined in an isolation plan. A minimum toughness requirement for pipe DN and larger has been introduced. In industrial use areas the dominant consideration may be the threats associated with the land use or the societal risk associated with 28855.1 loss of containment.

The materials or components shall be approved. Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed For pipelines carrying other combustible fluids, the maximum allowable discharge rate shall be determined by the safety management study specified in this Standard.

As 2885.1-2012 Design and Construction

At the end of the system design life the pipeline shall be abandoned unless an engineering investigation determines that its continued operation is safe.

The valve locations may not necessarily be immediately adjacent to the river or water supply reserve. Fittings shall be designed to withstand the pipeline strength test pressure and shall be hydrostatically tested with the pipeline.

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