This standard is issued under the fixed designation A /A M; the 1 This specification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee A ASTM A/AM: Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet and Strip, Heavy- Thickness Coils, Hot-Rolled, Alloy, Carbon, Structural. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM A at Engineering

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Materials and Manufacture 5.

However, the document shall clearly identify the organization submitting the document. The purchaser is advised to discuss this change with the supplier.

The values listed are not exact conversions of the values listed in the inch-pound tables, but instead are rounded or rationalized values.

Such a deviation is measured by placing a365 straightedge on the concave side and measuring the greatest distance between the sheet edge and the straightedge. Approved March 1, Individual reprints single or ast copies of this standard may be obtained by contacting ASTM at the above address or at phonefaxor service astm. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Structural steel may z635 ordered when the coils are intended for conversion to plate steels.

Login to see your most recently viewed materials here. NOTE 1—Camber is the deviation of a side edge from a straight line. The chemical analysis shall conform to the specified amounts aastm carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and copper. Committee A01 has identi?

The term weight is used when inch-pound units are the standard. Size Limits, Coils Only. However, under SI, the preferred term is mass.


ASTM A635 Grade 1018

Current edition approved Sept. Pickled or blastcleaned material has cut edges; if mill-edge material is required, it must be speci? However, under SI, the preferred term is mass. For steels other than non-killed capped or rimmedproduct analysis may be made.

Data sheets for over s635, metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. Product analysis is appropriate on these types of steel only when misapplication is apparent, or for copper when copper steel is speci? Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were asttm entered into MatWeb. Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend.

Active view current version of standard. Workmanship, Finish, and Appearance 9. Test Reports and Certi? Over 8 to 12, incl Crown Tolerances for Speci? This specification covers the general requirements for hot-rolled, heavy-thickness, and high-strength low-alloy with improved formability sheet and strip coils. These elements are considered as incidental and are not normally determined or reported. If you feel that your comments have asmt received a sstm hearing you should make your a6335 known to the ASTM Committee on Standards, at the address shown below.

Depending upon the angle of the bevelled edge cut, the width of the narrow surface of the cut-edge coil may be less than the minimum ordered width. The tolerances provided in the table are based on minimum thickness tolerance over, no tolerance under.


Camber should not exceed 1 in. NOTE aetm edge cutting results in a bevelled edge. Cast or heat analysis shall be made to determine the conformance with the requirements.

Questions or comments about MatWeb? The resampling shall be appropriate to the speci? This table does not apply to the uncropped ends of mill edge coils. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the standard. When different grades of strand-cast steel are sequentially cast, identi?

They must not be overheated during cutting to the extent of causing decarburization. NOTE 2—The term weight is used when inch-pound units are the standard. Tolerances for the dimensions of sheet and strip coils are specified.

AK Steel ASTM A and A Hot Rolled Carbon Steel, Structural Steel (SS)

Within the text, the SI units are shown in brackets. Over Over Over Over Over Over Over Over Over Over Over Over Over Over 12 14 17 19 21 24 26 28 35 50 60 65 70 80 to to to to to to to to to to to to to 14, 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28, 35, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80, incl incl incl incl incl incl incl incl incl incl incl incl incl Tolerance Over Speci? Packaging and Package Marking