In his latest timelapse video, AstroFotografia, Miguel Claro explores Portugal’s exquisite night skies. The film brings together dozens of images. Miguel Claro is a Portuguese professional photographer, author and a the astronomy and photography Portuguese book “Astrofotografia – Imagens à luz das. Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Miguel Claro Astrophotography (@miguel_claro).

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Startrail in the Church of Noudar. A Portrait Startrail above Pulo do Lobo.

Na imagem podemos ver um startrail acima da igreja celta de St. There are milions of sky enthusiasts and amateur astronomers in the entire world, fighting against the growing problem of clao pollution and trying to find some dark places that could revealing more stars as well, the beautiful presence of Milky Way.

The town plan follows a regular rectangular layout organized along two main perpendicular street axes, linking the central forum to its main gates. Scribd is the worlds largest social astgofotografia and publishing site. Such skies are disappearing in Europe, where most of the population has no longer the privilege to observe an unpolluted sky.

Biography of Miguel Claro

Startrail above chapel of Saint Kevin at Glendalough. A city wall surrounds a roughly rectangular area of some 20 hectares.

Feeling the power of being in contact with the wild side of nature. In this picture captured in Alentejo, we can see the main stars of Big Dipper, Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia, scratching the colorful skies of a celestial blue in a twilight of moonlight. In the sky image, is visible the startrails of Orion Constellation above the stone circle, and the shadows of the stones projected in the land, due to the light of the moon, which light up the landscape from the oposite site.

Miguel Claro Astrophotography (@miguel_claro) • Instagram photos and videos

A colorful life, full of stars! Over years of regular exploration, more than 20 million tons of materials were removed from the site, producing about This church is unusual, it has a round tower or belfry with conical cap integrated with the church.


The hottest stars, are showing a blue color, but in opposition the coolest, can reveal an orange-reddish color. It is supported internally by a semi-circular vault. This amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean against the Rocky cliffs from Cabo Espichel, was only possible to be photographed during the night, due, to the strong light of the Moon that was almost full and could Light up all the dramatic and beatiful scene.

After a long time of burning my mind with some new ideias, I figured out how I could do it, developing what I think is, a totally new astrophotographic technique never applied before, and where I can show in real time the sky rotating around another star, simulating the shifting of Earth Axis even being inside our Earth.

The Azores are actually some of the tallest mountains on the planet, measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean to their peaks, which thrust high above the surface of the Atlantic. But to realize this, nothing better than to see this long exposure of 25 seconds captured inside the 21 meters dome of our Lisbon Planetarium, Portugal, during a session where it simulates the rotation of Earth in the North Pole. London, a Busy Night City.

Sum of images, with a total integration of The Gradual consolidation of Roman power led to the establishment of a substantial Roman town in the 1st century. The height of the Polaris star varies with the latitude of each location. Its large mirror, wide field of view and very sensitive detectors are revealing a completely new view of the southern sky.

Astrofotografia miguel claro pdf

Chestnut cultivation — Replacing the place dominance of oak is likely to have been introduced at this time. With one such telescope, images of celestial objects as faint as magnitude 30 can be obtained in a one-hour exposure. Normally these satellites are relatively dim to the unaided eye, but on occasion they brighten sufficiently to be easily seen in a dark sky, like occured in the sky of Roque de Los Muchahos observatory, in La Palma, Canary Island.


The white clouds near the horizon gave the last fine touch, in this quite and peaceful scene. Image of a colorful startrail captured in the Monsaraz region, inserted in the Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve.

This startrail image composed by images from 30 seconds each, was capturing in 15th July at 23h11, during the moonset, as we could appreciate in this 13 seconds Time Lapse sequence.

AstroFotografia: a film by Miguel Claro | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

The interferometer is complemented by four movable Auxiliary Telescopes ATs of 1. The region of the Great Lake Alqueva in Alentejo, Portugal is a wonderful place to see the stars, constellations and distant galaxies such as the Milky Way. Startrails in a moonlit Spring field The trails of some stars above the green spring field lighted by the full moon.

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Startrail Tree in Noudar Park.