The title more or less says it all, but for some background, the Badab War has some of my favorite chapters involved in it – like the. Explore Braden Wrightstone’s board “Badab war” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Space marine, Warhammer 30k and Space wolves. Inside this book are full histories and dispositions of the nine Space Marine Chapters who played the most significant part in the Badab War’s early stages.

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He first conquered the Badab Sector and decided he should rule all of it, like the Ultramarines ruling Ultramar. Then Imperial forces demanded the tithes.

And three other chapters were honour-bound to fight with him. And thus began the most bloody rebellion in the 41st Millennium. And also the most famous wqr of a shit-ton of minor chapters that most people haven’t heard of, who will probably never waar again outside a few novel cameos and the Imperial Armour books.

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Pretty unique among wars in that almost all fights were wsr Space Marineswith few Guardsmen traitor or otherwise in sight. Many years ago, there was an asshole actually quite decent fellow at first called Lugft Huronwho controlled the Astral Claws and a sector called Badab.

With the aid of the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors Collectively known as the Maelstrom Wardershe ruled the Maelstrom Zone, named because it contained the warp rift known as the Maelstrom. He had one job, namely making sure whatever came out of that hellhole got booted back into it posthaste, and he did it well.

So well that at one point, Huron asked the High Lords of Terra to start a crusade into the Maelstrom. They laughed at him didn’t even deign hear his request outas attacking it would be suicidal.

So Huron got mad. Disgruntled, he decided he’d do the job all by himself and withheld his geneseed and planetary tithes, and blockaded the trade routes of other baxab. After years, the Bbadab Lords had enough and set a fleet to awr the Tithe, which Huron fired upon, claiming they threatened him.

The local trade lords attempted to send fleets because he was fucking over bavab economy with his blockades, but they vanished. Due to these waar, Huron cut off all ties between the Maelstrom Zone and the outside galaxy, further pissing off the Trade Lords. The Trade Lords then asked the Fire Hawks chapter to sort this mess out. They agreed, seeing an opportunity to settle an old grudge with the Astral Claws. Problem was, the Mantis warriors were bestest bros with the Astral Claws kicking deviant asses for hundred of years together tends to do thatand they saw the intervention of the Badwb Hawks as nothing but a crude ploy by the Adeptus Terra to bully their pals so they promptly shot them down.


Thus the Badab War truly began. Though the Executioners were loyal, they owed the Astral Claws a favor for saving gadab asses a few years ago. The Trade Lords and Marines Errant got their asses kicked and ran off like little bitches. Slightly bxdabthe High Lords sent the Red ScorpionsFire Angels, Nadab and Salamanders to sort the the Secessionists out once and for all with extreme prejudice. The Marines Errant and Fire Hawks badsb back from their asskicking to fight again, aided by the newcomers of the Novamarines.

Then for some reason some Chaos dudes jumped out of the huge warp-rift everyone forgot to defend, and exploded the Chapter Masters of the Red Scorpions and Mantis Warriors. Thus waar hope for the war ending died. An Astral Claws Apothecary was captured and interrogated, revealing precious secrets. He was actually a part of the Tiger Claws chapter, who nearly died out and merged with the Astral Claws.

The Geneseed tithes were withheld for greater reasons than defiance: Huron was expanding the Astral Claws to beyond Codex Astartes norms. The Exorcists appeared while the Novamarines, Raptors and Howling Griffons were dismissed, officially to combat an Ork invasion, but the truth was that the High Lords thought they were too nice to be trusted to kill off the Secessionists. The Salamanders refused, while the Inquisition kept arguing with them, knowing they were bros with the Executioners and the nicest chapter around.

Eventually they gave up trying to talk them into reassigning themselves.

The Minotaurs, using their one and only advantage of numbers boarded the Lamenters bacab ships. They killed all but Lamenterswho surrendered really they ran out of bullets, chainswords snapped from over use, and their combat knives dulled to the point badb uselessness like the unlucky bad-asses they ear. The Fire Angels withdrew, due to their heavy losses and hating having to serve wa the assholes of the Space Sharks. The Executioners learnt that the Astral Claws were stealing the geneseed of the chapters they killed, and became a rogue element, fighting both loyalist and secessionist.

Huron, having fallen deeper into madness over the years, fully seceded from the Imperium, and made the Imperial Cult illegal, as well as all Imperial iconography. The Star Phantoms appeared, presumably because the author wanted to insert as many chapters as he can into this clusterfuck or maybe because their planet got sucked into the warp and they were looking for somewhere to crash. The loyalists tore out a part of a sun and threw it at the planet’s orbital defense system known as the Ring of Steel, exploding a hole in it that exposed the space station that controlled it.

The Exorcists and Sons of Medusa conquered it, turning the defenses against the Astral Claws in the system. The Exorcists went out to blockade the nadab, ensuring that no Astral Claws shall escape.


The Carcharadons decided to sabotage the planet’s reactors, destroying all life on it, while the Star Phantoms, supported by Titans of the Legio Crucius assaulted the Palace of Thorns, the Fortress Monastery of the Astral Claws and Huron’s seat of power.

Huron killed a captain of the Star Phantoms, but had half of his body destroyed. In the chaos as all the ships retreated from the dying planet, the Exorcists accidentally shot down a few loyalists and let Huron escape.

In the aftermath, the Star Phantoms became the new rulers of the Badab Sector. The planets and goods of the Mantis Warriors, Lamenters and Executioners were given to the Fire HawksMinotaurs and Salamanders respectively, as the secessionists were forced into year penitent crusades.

The surviving Astral Claws were executed. The Space Sharks forced the youth to fight to the death and recruited the winners. Huron was dying, the shattered remains of the Astral Claws that weren’t caught and executed retreating into the Maelstrom. He prayed for survival for him and his chapter, and four nice fellows heard him.

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Their leader’s name was Huron Blackheart. Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: The Conflict [ edit ] Many years ago, there was an asshole actually quite decent fellow at bwdab called Lugft Huronwho controlled the Astral Claws and a sector called Badab. Minotaurs Personal favourites of the High Lords of Terra.

One of their Captains publicly insulted Marneus Calgar and those who “slavishly fawned” over him. Thus they are awesome.

M32 – The Beheading M41 – The Macharian Crusade M41 – The Macharian Heresy M41 Wars for Armageddon M41 – Damocles Crusade M41 – First Tyrannic War M41 – Siege of Vraks M41 Massacre at Sanctuary M41 – Badab War M41 – The Vaxhallian Genocide M41 Second Tyrannic War M41 – Third Tyrannic War gadab M41 – Octarius War M41 13th Black Crusade Retrieved from ” https: Warhammer 40, Timeline Space Marines.

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