forest or selected woodland as a living memorial for families who purchase select Batesville caskets or cremation products. Since , the Living Memorial. Batesville Casket Company manufactures caskets and cremation urns. The company is a subsidiary of Hillenbrand, Inc., and is headquartered in Batesville. Batesville Metal Caskets e. UG2 Golden Rose. UG1 Silver Sapphire r. UG1 Silver Sapphire. Stainless Steel. Silver velvet interior. LifeSymbols® feature.

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Batesville Casket is the most well known brand name in the United States.

Batesville Caskets provide the highest brand name quality caskets in the funeral and cremation industry. Funeral homes often have high prices for the workmanship and quality of these brand name caskets. You may choose from any of the Batesville Caskets standard sized caskets shown throughout our website.


Standard size caskets are designed to hold the body of an average person. Oversize caskets are designed for individuals who need a larger size casket. Each oversize casket has different interior dimensions listed.

All of the Batesville Caskets shown can be personalized. From choosing a caskets material and color specific to each model to adding a headpanel, your Batesville caskets can be customized to suit you and your families expectations.

Just click “Head Panel” while viewing any Batesville casket to choose from a variety of different head panels. If you would like more information, catapog on “Delivery Information” on any page. Once you decide on the personalization that goes best with your selected Batesville casket and you’ve entered your delivery instructions, click on the “Add to Cart” button.

You can now proceed to the checkout area or continue shopping for a vault. We are here to help at any time!

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Call us at or send us an email to info casketsite. Caskets direct to the consumer by purchasing through us at Casket Site.


Oversize casket costs are also reduced by providing a casket direct to your funeral home with very quick overnight rush delivery batesvolle. Why purchase caskets from your local funeral home and pay the extra markup, when you can purchase caskets direct and have them delivered to your funeral home.

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Caskets and oversize caskets purchased online can provide an easy way bagesville make a funeral expense more affordable. Same day and rush next day delivery are available. Order Online or Call Next Day Delivery Available, Open 24 hrs.