Manual Mode, lets you change the steps between frequencies.. Channel/ Frequency Lockout-Lets you temporarily remove channels or frequencies from the. Phone manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your phone and more at ManualsOnline. Uniden Bearcat BCXLT (Manual) – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online.

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In the Search Mode, you can choose super fast Turbo Search. Immediately fill out and mail the supplied Registration Form. Unlike standard AM or FM radio stations, most two-way communications listed below do not transmit continuously. The BCXLT scans programmed channels at the rate of up to channels per second until it finds an active frequency.

Scanning stops on an active frequency, and remains on that channel as long as the transmission continues.

Uniden BC9000XLT User Manual

A channel is a memory location where you store a frequency. A bank is a group of channels. The banks are useful for storing similar frequencies in order to maintain faster scanning cycles. Think of the Squelch Control as a gate. When you manually step through a bank, however, frequencies are sorted according to channel number.

Manually selecting a channel and frequency, using the numeric keypad Programming By Manual Entry Use these keys: Press mto enter the Manual Mode.

Uniden BCXLT user manual – – Solve your problem

If an error is made during programming, or if the frequency is out of range, this screen appears. Enter a valid channel or frequency number.

If the frequency is stored in another channel, the display will manuak the original channel for that frequency. To program more channels, repeat steps 3 and 4.

Press e to program the channel. To program more channels with the Rotary Tuner, repeat steps 2 – 5. Programming with Search The Search feature lets you search for active frequencies in a range you choose and store any or all of those frequencies into channels. Select a frequency range. Enter the frequency and press lto enter the lower limit of the search range.

Bc9000xltt N to enter the Transfer Mode.

Enter the channel number. Press e to Program the frequency. Program the frequency into the first open channel of another bank.

Press hto stop the search. Bc9000lt U to enter the Auto Store Mode.


Select the bank s for programming. The selected bank indicator s stop blinking. Press C and 7. Press U to begin the Auto Store. The LED on the U key flashes. You hear no audio during Auto Bc9000xlg. Deleting a Programmed Frequency Use this procedure when you want to delete a frequency from a channel without storing a new frequency in its place.

To select the transfer channel, press N Then enter the channel number Press e to transfer the frequency. Programming Channels with Alpha Characters Use this feature to name programmed channels from 1 – for easy reference. Enter the channel number You must select a programmed channel. Channel 1 Then press h. The Alpha Edit Screen appears. To Delete Alpha Characters Use these keys: Press e to store the changes. Bank Select chan from 1 manua Turn on the scanner Press s to begin scanning.

To turn a Bank OFF, press the letter or number. Locking Out Channels The lock-out feature lets you further customize the channels that you want to scan at a particular time. For example, if a stored frequency broadcasts almost all the time, the scanner will stop on it and stay. You can lock out that channel when you are more interested in the other channels for the current scanning session.

Unlocking a Channel 1. Enter the channel or press the Channel Mode Selector and use the Rotary Tuner to find the channel you want to unlock.

UNIDEN BCXLT Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Press s to resume scanning. Unlocking All Channels 1. During Priority Scanning, your scanner checks these special channels every two seconds, whether or not the scanner has located an active channel. In the Search Mode, the scanner looks for any active frequencies within a range of frequencies you select. It is best to select a narrow range, so that you have a better chance of finding all the active channels. Scrolling Frequencies During a Search Scrolling temporarily suspends a search and allows you to manually move up or down through the frequencies.

Using Turbo Search Turbo Search increases the search speed from frequencies per second to frequencies per second in ranges where the frequencies are spaced 5 kHz apart.

Locking Out Frequencies This feature is similar to locking out a programmed channel, except you can only lock out 50 frequencies. Unlocking All Frequencies 1. Press h to stop the search. Find any locked-out frequency. Press and hold Lfor two seconds. You hear a double beep when all frequencies are unlocked. Birdies Birdies are internally generated frequencies that cause the scanner to stop during search. See the Betty Bearcat Frequency Guide for a list of weather frequencies in your area.


Your scanner is pre-programmed with a default frequency step for each of its frequency bands. You can override the default frequency step to search in larger or smaller increments when searching, during Auto Store, or when stepping through frequencies with h, lor the Rotary Tuner. Setting the Signal Mode Your scanner is capable of receiving three signal modes: If you want to override the default signal mode for a particular frequency, use these keys: This prevents unusually strong signals from over-loading the scanner.

In the Scan Mode, you must individually program each channel you want to use the Signal Attenuation feature. When you press eP, Nor Ua message appears. Counter counts up to To reset the counter for individual channels 1. Displaying Bank Memory Status This feature shows the programming status of the channels in a bank.

This can be used to start and stop your recorder. Put a tape in your recorder, and put it in the Record mode. Press and hold ufor two seconds. You hear two beeps, then the status information scrolls across the display. Be sure to turn the scanner off and disconnect the power cord before attempting to open the scanner. Make sure they go straight into the sockets. The 4 pin socket is toward the front of the scanner.

The 3 pin socket is toward the back of the scanner. Use the Rotary Tuner to select a tone frequency. See page 49 for a list of tone frequencies. Manuao e to program the frequency.

After programing the frequency, the scanner returns to step three. Use the Rotary Tuner to select a new frequency. After programming the frequency, the scanner returns to step four. Do not rub the display window. Do not use excessive amounts of water. Repairs Do not attempt any repairs. The scanner contains no user-serviceable parts.

Contact the Uniden Customer Service Center ator take the scanner to a qualified repair technician. Total 20 banks Channels: Up to channels per second Search Rate: