Blasphemy is Tehmina Durrani’s novel about the exploitation at the hands of her husband. Many describe the novel to be about “religious” exploitation, however. Tehmina Durrani is a Pakistani author, artist, and activist on women’s and children’s rights. Her first book, “My Feudal Lord”. Book Review: Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani. Set in South Pakistan, BLASPHEMY – the novel is inspired by a true story of a young girl trapped in the cruelest.

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The influence of Edhi spurred her into social work and inspired her to establish the ‘Tehmina Durrani Foundation’, with a mission to further Edhi’s way of “humanitarianism”, and his vision of Pakistan as a Social Welfare State. She has tolerated many physical assault by him earlier by once when he tried to beat her by pulling her by the hair and swings her around as he use to before using his favourite threat to break every bone in her body, she attack him back by flinging at him the utensil full of steaming food that she was cooking on the stove.

The thoughts going round and round in my head, making me ponder about the lack of humanity in the human race. Durrani didn’t pin point any exact location of her story, although it is most probably took place in one of Lahore’s thousands of Islamic boarding school or similar religious school. Everything bad that can happen to a woman, happe I was very young when I borrowed this book so I actually failed to apprehend the rudiments of it until I re-read it again.

Her most famous book, which was an overnight best seller and sensation in Pakistan as well as around the world. I was very young when I borrowed this book so I actually failed to apprehend the rudiments of it until I re-read it again. She has shown that how people twist religious sayings for their benefit. At that time, as I was beginning to discover Pakistani a The theme of the novel is tragic and controversial.

Markazi Maktaba Islami Publishers The novel was published by Pakistani Publishing group Ferozsons. Women are mistreated and it got nothing to do with Islam.


The story depicts the piri faqiri system in the Pakistani society. Preview — Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani. Durrani resides in Lahore with her husband, who is a part of the politically prominent Sharif familyand the brother of Nawaz Sharifthe Ex- Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Over a three-year period, Durrani lived in Edhi’s home and accompanied him on his visits.

This book should be read. Movel follows is her ordeal for years. Tehmina and Khar got married after she divorced, but their honeymoon period turned bitter very quickly.

I have only admiration that no words can express. The Act of banning girls from school is forbidden in Islam, which all the conservative organizations including Taliban should know.

Tehmina Durrani

She says she found another way of expressing and conveying her feelings through art, in addition to writing. The Durranj Quran is addressed to all Muslims, and for the most part it does not differentiate between male and female.

Dec 22, Neha rated it it was ok Shelves: This is the first novel where Durrani uses her artwork as well. These years were perhaps her most teumina as they laid the seeds for her further work as well as her spiritual quest for truth. As she says in her own words, There was power and conviction in my tone.

The novel, Blasphemy, is a tragic story of the beautiful Heer, who was married to Pir Sain at the age of fifteen. A lot of Muslims may take offense to bpasphemy book, however, I do not think that Durrani was speaking against Islam, as a matter of fact, I think this story condemns people in power such as politicians and clergy-men, or worse After getting my hands on a copy, as soon as I could, I started reading it.

If you feel your organized religion in its purest form needs to evolve and change, why follow it at all in the first place? But the nightmare she is locked into is not hers alone; it affects the entire clan that owes allegiance to the pir. Without jumping into spoilers of any sort, it is worth noting the amount of abuse a woman can go through, all under the name of religion.


This implies to all the women irrespective of any ethnic group. The funeral prayers for Younus took place at the Edhi centre in Kharadar. Pir Sain was dazzled by her beauty when he saw her with her mother, who came as a blaspehmy of circumstances to seek his blessings. Her rebellious nature also cost her losing all financial support from her ex-husband, as well as the custody of her children. Throughout his life, Peer Sain exploited the weak and ignorant people in the name of Allah and Islam.

Emotions are what would keep people glued to the pages instead. Retrieved 11 February I was becoming a woman. Enter the email address you signed up bovel and we’ll email you a reset link. Archived from the original on 3 September This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Tehmina Durrani – Wikipedia

The presence of truth leaves a bitter taste in nnovel readers who want women to be dominated by Islam’s misinterpreted clauses. It is a tragic and an utterly shocking story which unveils the ugly faces of people in power. It’s definitely worth a read for the tortures and brutalities depicted are incomprehensible!

In her search for someone who was in touch with the nobel of the common man, and who had found a solution, she found Pakistan’s most celebrated humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi. It is the official document Abdul Sattar Edhi ‘s life and message.

Blasphemy: A Novel – Tehmina Durrani – Google Books

Ci si sente prigioniere, avvilite dalle parole scritte nero su bianco che ci pesano sul cuore senza nemmeno il bisogno di perdersi in descrizioni eccessivamente complesse. Blasphemy is Tehmina Durrani’s novel about the exploitation at the hands of her husband. Her attempt on revenge was a bit hard to digest and her attempt to liberate herself were not inspiring. The true horror and the worst evil only men are capable of.