Cardshark. Written by Darwin Ortiz. Work of Darwin Ortiz. pages ( Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg Illustrated with drawings by Ton. I have been looking for what seems like forever for “The Card Shark” by Darwin Ortiz but it is near impossible unless you want to buy a copy on. : MMS CardShark Ortiz- #2, DVD: Toys & Games.

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View our magic tricks fardshark. Effects Performed and Explained: It is a stunning book in my opinion. Thanks for everyone’s inputs. BrandonWilliams Loyal user Posts. Darwin pretty specifically states in most if not all of his books that he is only interested in fooling laypeople, and does not care much about fooling magicians. The entire book is brilliant. Find Out how to pay. Additional links Vanishing Inc.

While most other UK magic shops hide what happens behind the scenes, we want you to know exactly how things work. Suit Cut to Orde. This page was created in 0. Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: Feel free to contact us.

The routines in this book really push the boundaries in terms of what is possible with a deck of cards. Here is a list of the routines which I have performed since the book was published in Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best I have to echo Michael Vincents thorough post.


I like Museum piece very much. This is a popular, secure, trackable courier service. As a full-time professional close-up magician and gambling consultant, he is constantly in demand to appear at colleges and business conventions, as well as consult with casinos worldwide.

Card Shark by Darwin Ortiz | theory11 forums

cardshar, You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. He is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on crooked gambling and his books written for the public on the subject are said to be the best of the genre.

Richard Kaufman has said on the Genii Forum that he was going to re-release it. View our Frequent Questions.

Or is that public knowledge? I think all his books are currently out of print, but some dealers still have some on their shelves.

Strong Magic “The cadshark is readable, it’s extremely clear, it’s clear, it’s thrilling in A wonderful book and one of Darwins best. Yes, it is a fantastic book, happy that I’ve it. As a full-time professional close-up magician and gambling consultant, he is constantly in demand to appear at colleges and business conventions, as well as otriz with casinos worldwide.

Kyle Hohn New user 7 Posts. All of Darwin Ortiz’s books are great, but to me this one is the best.

Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz

Read our privacy policy. This is visual transposition between four kings placed under the spectator’s hand and the ace of spades placed in full view on the table. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic.


Thanks a bunch in advance. Download ortuz magic to any device, including our free iPad app.

Marked Cards reviews. I have fooled magicians with these effects: Add to wishlist Ask question.

Card Shark by Darwin Ortiz

Apr 30, Ben Train Inner circle Erdnase never had Posts. May 3, I have to echo everybodies comments so far as in short the effects in this book are nothing short of staggering. Take the time to master this and the pschology behind it and you’ll have a beautiful effect that will truely blow away laypeople Vincent perform the likes of ‘The Cross’ and then seeing the impact I’ve personally had on people with these effects, I too would rank this as one of the best card magic books of the century.

These last two are not difficult to learn. I managed to get hold of a second hand copy of Cardshark recently. If you see one get it. And I especially like Mr Lucky, a sneeky 10 card poker effect which looks impossible.

May 1, So if you get a chance I haven’t seen Darwin perform these effects in person but having the priviledge to see such wonderful performer as Mr.

Little Door by R.