X / X X / X / X X / X 1. INTRODUCTION. This guide has been prepared for the operator of Carrier Transicold. Carrier Refrigeration Operation – Imprimй en France . XARIOS STARTING WITH SERIAL NUMBER PB XARIOS Agent for Zepro, Tail lifts, Del Tail lifts and Carrier refrigeration Systems for vans, XARIOS Carrier-XariosLCVjpg Carrier-Xarios

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Medical conditions aggravated by exposure to this material include heart disease or compromised heart function. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. The main components of the system are the reciprocating compressor, air-cooled condenser, thermostatic expansion valve, direct expansion evaporator, and hot gas solenoid two-way.

Bent or dented enclosing tube Valve shifts but refrigerant continues to Foreign material lodged under seat flow Defective seat 5. Diode rectifier assembly Condenser Sight glass Filter drier 5.

If system is without refrigerant, charge system with refrigerant to build up pressure between 2. Replacing high pressure cutout switch 1.

XARIOS | Eurorent – официален дистрибутор за България на Carrier

Also, as shown, connect an evacuation manifold with special evacuation hoses to the vacuum pump, to the electronic vacuum gauge and to the refrigerant recovery system. Excessive current draw moto compressor or standby motor 5. Vacuum pump connection 1. Always use adequate Personal Protective Equipment before doing anything on this refrigerant unit, as explained in this manual. Alarm display LP standby pressure switch opened. When welding is required on the unit frame, or on the front area of the trailer, ALL wiring to the microprocessor MUST be disconnected.


Main standby fuses 2. The driver can display the box temperature, and see whether the set-point is being maintained by checking the green indicator.


In addition, it can be disposed of at an approved waste disposal facility. Starting valve Heat exchanger Defrost klixon Low pressure switch Injection valve Hot gas fitting Standby suction line fitting Road suction line fitting Prolonged exposure to an oxygendeficient atmosphere may be fatal. Close the electronic vacuum gauge and vacuum pump valves.

With an 8 mm Allen wrench, loosen the jam nut Figureitem 2. The evaporator assembly consists of an evaporator coil, an expansion valve, one defrost thermostat termination switches and an electrical evaporator fan motor, one starting valve and a optional injection valve. Check the temperature setpoint is correct by pressing the SET key; the set-point temperature is highlighted on the digital display.

Open liquid valve on refrigerant cylinder. Standby contactor Primary transformer fuse Main standby fuses Overload relay 6.

Switch Low Pressure Neos100/Xarios150/200/350/400

Defrost Defrost mode is activated by the microprocessor automatically or manually by the operator. Evacuate unit to microns. Error A26 whit Xarios Send me a email and I will get you what you need.


The readings which we specify for Carrier Transicold units are applicable only for our belts and application, as the tension is dependent on the size of the belt xarioss distance between sheaves.

Remove the back cover of the motor and inspect the collector. Break the vacuum with clean dry refrigerant. Quench valve option on Xarios Opens at: D that carroer is impossible for the unit to automatically start up during maintenance.

Most electronic components are susceptible to damage caused by electrical static discharge ESD. Ensure this refrigeration unit is disconnected from the local electrical network.

The field is wrongly filled. Once the controller remote Command within the cab of the truck is set at the desired temperature, the unit will operate automatically to maintain the desired temperature within very close limits. Open circuit detected heating standby option. Check valve optional The dense vapor of this material may reduce the available oxygen for breathing. Close valve on cylinder and open bleed-off valve.

In certain cases, the human body can have enough static carrjer to cause resultant damage to the components by touch. D Clean xarils condenser and the evaporator.