Warhammer 40, Codex Black Templars. Version Nickname. Fourth edition. Alternate Names. Version Publisher. Games Workshop Ltd. Version Artist. The Black Templars are THE largest loyalist (“codex following”) chapter, . the back of the 4th edition Codex: Black Templars, the deployment map totals greater . The Black Templars use to have their own codex back in 4th and 5th edition ( someone will correct me if I’m wrong XD). But they have since.

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You will be worse.

Rip and Tear, until it is done. They make a hobby of dressing up as the Knights Hospitaller and trolling the inquisition with their larger-than-Codex-approved numbers. Although they don’t need swords that much They wore all-black armor and had black crosses on their right ddition and shields, and were sworn to protect the Temple of Oaths OK, the reality is that Forge World wanted to justify including Black Templars into Horus Heresy.

They’re really more Templar than Imperial Fist at this point already. Their commander and First Captain of the Imperial Fists, Sigismundstarted the tradition of the Emperor’s Champion, in which a Templar would challenge the enemy’s champions to single combat. They express their fury through burning heretical texts as kindling for the actual hereticspwning mutantsand skull fucking aliens. But you might say, “Isn’t blakc what every other Spess Mehreen chapter does?

Also unlike other Chapters, they don’t have edifion teams, as they think they’re not righteously angry enough. Instead all new Neophytes read: The Black Templars are THE largest loyalist “codex following” chapter, estimated to have marines in their ranks.

This is primarily because they’re scattered throughout the galaxy so their approximate number is unknown. This means that their chapter alone could wipe out the weeaboo communists if they were drawn together in one place.

Of course this would twist the nipples of the Inquisition and move the setting of 40k along, so don’t expect it to happen anytime soon read: Unfortunately they’re unwilling to fight 4hh psykers except for Grey Knights, they got all buddy-buddy with them fairly quickly, enough so that they willingly shared the STCs for the Land Raider Crusader with them, mind-wipes not withstanding of course.

They are descended from the Imperial Fistsbut obviously got more of Dorn’s angry splooge than his patient splooge. They sometimes get to wear templarz Crusader helms, which are at least ten times as awesome as the beakies ‘ Corvus helms. The new Space Marines codex has changed several editlon about the chapter.

It now states they worship the Emperor as a God like the larger Imperium and blavk have close ties with the Ecclesiarchy. This also makes them good friends with the Sisters 4gh Battlewhom they regularly team up temp,ars and have several alliances with.

Emperor pity the heretics who have to face both of these groups of zealous nutters at once. Alternatively, you could choose to ignore the fluff in the new codex that says that they worship the Emperor, as it is wrong and demonstrates edution clear Ward-like level of disregard for previous, and better, fluff as it also says that out of all Astartes chapters, only the Black Templars worship the Emperor.

This contradicts several novels that say the chapters they revolve around worship him. The first that come to mind are James Swallows series on the Blood Angels.

As a curious aside, the chapter’s “fuck the man” policy has lead them to collect some odd friends. They are the only known allies for a few chapters, including the Celestial Lions editipn, Libatorsand Star Phantoms. They organize themselves into Fighting Companies, with much of it on the fly. Their ranks and positions include:. Despite being a Codex Chapter well, they’re a Codex Chapter as cpdex the newest Codexthey basically just cherry pick whatever they want from it.

In particular, they’re exploiting a loophole in the Codex Astartes that says a crusading Chapter can go above the limit of 1, Marines, because they don’t have a Templar Monastery, a disastrous campaign or Warp mishap could destroy the entire Chapter if not for this stipulation. The Black Templars, however, take this to mean “have as many Marines as you want!


However, it’s not actually clear how many Marines they actually have. Given the vagaries of in-universe time due to warp phenomena and the inevitable depletion of assets due to the nature of their work, as well as the fact that they have shit record keeping due to a complete lack of Librariansthe actual number of active templars would be in constant flux. In Blood and Fire, Grimaldus mentions that they typically have dozens of crusades going on at any point in time; other sources tell us that the Black Templars as an entire Chapter actually consist bpack a total of three “primary” crusade fleets from which all other fighting companies are split from and deployed on their own “secondary” crusades when necessary.


This coincides with the original codex, which said that there were usually no more than three crusades at any blck time but that they can stretch themselves according to necessity, and states that in one exceptional case there were up to fourteen crusades operating in the Segmentum Solar during the Treachery of Dalmark. If we were to base the numbers off the estimate in the back of the 4th edition Codex: Black Templars, the deployment map totals greater than marines, with several of those crusades routinely exceeding marines.

But when you factor in normal redeployment over the years that number isn’t very helpful as many of those crusades were finished by the time others arose.

When you consider it like that, many other chapters have deployed en masse over the years and would also generate a similar deployment map. Furthermore, only a handful of crusades numbered relatively close to one thousand, with only Armageddon passing it, with 1, Marines total and even that number was questioned?

So we can either take it as written in the Order of Battle that the three crusades represent the “normal” three crusades and hence the entire chapter, giving us an absolute minimum of over marines, or we can assume that the three crusades are not the primary crusades at all, which still doesn’t give us much of an indication of the chapter size, leaving us at square one.

To make things even more confusing, each crusade will be accompanied by a Black Sword and a set of the Armour of Faith, to be used by the Emperor’s Champion. The 4E codex said that every crusade and fighting company would have its own champion, but the 6E Codex and the newer novels changed this older fluff and said that there could only be a single Champion in the entire chapter at any given time, and that only a handful arise every century.

Plus, there are only ten Black Swords in the Chapter and they are held by the Chaplains, just in case they find the Champion within their crusade. This implies that there can only be ten crusades active at any one time; hence, if the three crusades at Armageddon, taken to be around 1, are three-tenths of the Chapter’s overall size, the Black Templars have around 4, marines.

However, the novel Eternal Crusader flat-out says that the whole Chapter could gather together on the Eternal Crusader itself and barely tax the capabilities of the vessel, and that “the mere'” marines of Helbrecht’s crusade, which constituted one fifth of the Black Templars’ total forces, meant that the vessel was mostly empty, making them far more chapter sized. The book also shows High Marshal Helbrecht purposefully exaggerating the size of his contingent at Armageddon from marines to in order to gain overall command of the Astartes forces that had arrived many chapters had brought a lot more men than the Templars, and would have had more right to overall command.

Helbrecht would later leave Armageddon briefly to muster “more” Black Templars but only bringing the number up to what he promisedso it is easy to see how the size of his contingent would be misleading to an outside observer.

The old Codex also suggested somewhere between “if certain accounts are to be believed” which places a level of uncertainty on the number, and if you consider ckdex above statement would sound reasonable if you took Helbrecht at his word about the availability to Black Templar soldiers and could easily show how the Administratum has been misled into thinking the Templars are much larger than they actually are.

A-D-B also suggested about in an offhand comment; therefore, it is currently our highest reasonable upper limit without resorting to guesses. The author of Eternal Crusader later acknowledged on his blog that the Black Templars could have maintained extreme numbers in the past, but that the overall strength of the Chapter was reduced to a thousand more or less as result of a corporate decision by GW, not just of the codex authors.


It is perhaps best to repeat the Black Library’s own take on the fluff: Any guess as to the number of marines in the Black Templars is just that, a guess, and a book tempars only the author’s point of view, or what he wants you to think, or he himself is a fabrications.

While the Imperial Index states that “each Black Templars battle-fleet contains 4t of warriors. So all told, not much seems to have changed, fanboys and opponents can believe what they want. For most of their history the Black Templars didn’t have any Librarians. This was generally thought as a pretty simple fact, they hate all forms of witches. They even have a special rule call “Abhor the Witch”. That was until 6th edition when it was more explicitly stated that they had no real templrs against Astropaths and Navigators, since they were the only people who knew how to drive the massive crusading fleets.

Which invalidates the logic of the following paragraph.

According to the GW apologists, the major difference between their codex and 6E is their opinion on other psykers: In previous works, it was made pretty clear that they wouldn’t suffer the witch no matter who they were except for the aforementioned groups the Emperor sanctioned personallyand as such literally couldn’t ally with any other psyker-using force except for the Grey Knights and even then, it was AoC Note: Come the 6E Codex however, suddenly all their hatred for every psyker was scaled back to merely just being a hatred to all enemy psykers.

Some may call this fluff-rape and all that in their neckbearded RAGEbut others realize that setting up tons of restrictions would ultimately serve to cripple the Templars and ultimately just kept things easier by just generalizing it, to say nothing of the fact that the Emperor himself was a psyker.

So it was changed. The Black Templars hatred is only towards alien and rogue psykers and that they have great respect for the ones in the fleet. So why no Librarians? There are three theories hypothesis in the codex:.

A small part of it likely has to do with their recruiting process. Since they recruit from the worlds they Crusade on, and they spend a decent amount of time purging renegade psykers, there probably aren’t any psykers left for them to recruit and they’re not likely to recruit Psykers found by somebody else.

It still doesn’t explain why they’ve never had a recorded incident of latent Psykers awakening once they’ve been recruited. Rather hilariously, the Black Templars are not even certain why they don’t have Librarians; because the Librarius usually maintains the records of the chapter, the Templars have allowed their understanding of history to fall into decay.

Codex: Black Templars (4th Edition) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

For the time being, they have come to the conclusion that the loss of the Librarius is simply part of the Emperor’s grand design, and should he see fit to bless them with Librarians again they would gladly use them. Think Angry Marines but with less copious cursing. Note that this constitutes a day off for a Black Templar. A working day will involve 23 hours of rushing monstrous creatures with melee weapons. Neophytes are expected to pull bullet sponge duty so the Initiate is not distracted by little things like enemy gunfire and that their spilled blood will allow the Initiates to glide on the ground to their enemy faster as seen here:.

It would be nice if this could happen, but in reality, you can only arm Neophytes with coxex or bolt pistols with CCWs, though you were able to arm an initiate with both a Lascannon and a Power Templlars in their original codex.

Talk about a jack of all trades Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: Black Templars Battle Cry “No pity! Do not fuck it up. Retrieved from ” https: Warhammer 40, Imperial Space Marines Awesome. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This page tempalrs last modified on 25 Decemberat Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

Black and white shoulder pads. This article is awesome. Death Spectres – Exorcists. Angels of Fire – Celebrants. Consecrators – Sons of Medusa – Steel Confessors.