Planescape is an official D&D campaign setting first introduced in Second Edition . The setting centers around exploring an original multiverse. GNU Free Documentation License Most content is available under the GNU FDL. Pages under the OGL are marked as such. Privacy policy · About D&D. Planescape is a campaign setting originally designed by David Cook for AD&D 2nd Edition. As its name . Dungeons & Dragons ( Edition) · Dungeon.

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Fortunately, he’s not an evil berk, and mostly just sits there contemplating how to fulfill his pantheon’s destined role for him as the annihilator who cleanses the universe and leaves behind a blank slate pkanescape it to be remade.

Seeing as how the game is two days away and the setting is infinitely massive i’ve been doing a fair amount of skimming. This sparks a lot of arguments and violence since some people believe the City of Doors to be the center due to its uncommon number of portals to other planes and position in the Outlands and some factions also claim different centers, each with their own significance.

The Peaceful Plane is a land of soft fields, quiet woods, and calm waters. The reason why this is possible is because if the Planescape cosmology was a Great Wheel, then the Plane of Shadow would be its axle, as well as the axle of other cosmologies. It’s used as a storage space by the most elementary of enchantments, and some magical tricks make use of the proximity of the ethereal plane to “sidestep” material objects to pass through them, or to cover large distances in short time.

The planescaoe solution is to tear everything down and rebuild with what’s left. Sigil cannot be entered or exited save via portals.

Tides of Numenera was released in February Other expansions and adventures followed, as listed below. Planescqpe Society of Sensation Nickname: This is the smallest of the Outer Planes, though it is still technically infinite. And that’s just talking about the game.

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The Bleak Cabal Nickname: There won’t be as much paperwork generated by magic weapons and armour as you expect, and it won’t matter too much even if you make the odd mistake.


This is true geographically as well as philosophically. The game featured major locations, personalities, and features of the Planescape setting and also introduced new creatures that were added to the role playing game setting as part of subsequent products.

Sure, there’s no sense playing a hende blood someone who is all that and a bag of chipssince they’re so accomplished already. Then there’s the cosmology that Planescape runs on itself. The Three Glooms are desolate lands where all color is muted to shades of gray. Each planexcape these factions is based on one particular belief system; one faction’s beliefs make them enemies while others make them allies.

Erin Montgomery, female human priest Sigil Headquarters: This plane is the closest to the Prime Material plane s 3., so much so that sometimes even the most mundane observers can sense Ethereal inhabitants often called “ghosts,” not to be confused with the undead “spectres” or “phantoms”.

There are also complaints about the game’s players, who have a reputation for both being especially grognardy and for arrogance, which stems at least partially from the conceited, know-it-all tone of the game’s viewpoint characters.

Planescape Opinions?

Plus the landmarks are not always consistent. Yeah, this does get kind of messy when you take into account that there’s a huge array of other pantheons around, from fantastical ones from worlds like Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms to non-human racial pantheons to other real-world pantheons like the Greco-Roman Dodekatheon and the Chinese Celestial Bureaucracy.

For the video game adaptation, see Planescape: The fastest and best way I can think of to familiarize yourself with Planescape is to play the video game, Planescape: Travel between the planes of the Outlands is accomplished via The Great Road. The Blood War occasionally comes here, but since both demon and devil are negatively affected by the plane -2 to all mental stat related checks for demons for being chaotic evil instead of chaotic neutral, -6 to all mental stat related checks for devils for being lawful evil instead of chaotic neutralthe fact that planescappe Slaadi aren’t terribly fond of either and are on average a great deal stronger individually than demons or devils Lemures and Manes are CR1 1 hit dice monsters, Mud Slaad; the equivalent to these two, are CR6.

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Sign of One sign. planescpae

The factions that seem tailor made to cause conflict and disruption amongst the party. I will stand corrected. The multiverse is a forge, and each life is a test.

As far as I can tell, the canny bloods who scribed the Planescape knew that having magic items be affected by travelling between planes would cause cannon problems with earlier adventures that didn’t mention dd& effects, so they wrote in this rule specifically to make the effect of bonuses being lost so subtle that players and characters could plausibly have not noticed it.

By Stix in forum Gamers Seeking Gamers. There are many portals leading to the plane, but very few portals leading out. What can I do for you? It is popular as a meeting place for treaties between the powers.


Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here. I’m very fond of the Lady of Pain; she really locks up the Planescape look. The New World, Part 9: Last edited by Optimystik; at