Do someone know where I cans find the “Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifier” by Merlin Blencowe book in USA?? Designing Power Supplies for Valve Amplifiers is a unique guide to the operation and practical design of linear power supplies, especially for valve equipment. I’ve been getting a lot of mail about my power supplies book. I’m sorry to say I permanently removed it from print.

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Sign In Register Help Cart. If you are new to the subject, it’s up there with the essentials. It makes an excellently refresher course. Although I am an experienced engineer I still found things which were new to me.

One oddity is finding what should have been the eleventh chapter Cooling and Heatsinking nested in chapter seven, “Series Voltage Stabilizers. He also knows that the audio circuitry makes different demands on a power supply and that tube audio makes extra demands, because of higher voltages involved.

See all 7 reviews. As LM increases in conduction, the triode sees its grid voltage increase; as LM decreases, the grid voltage falls. In other words, they are not safety devices the way the unmarked diode is 1N in the schematic. No one asked me this question; I was just giving myself a brain teaser.

The LM will use all its considerable negative feedback to keep a steady 1. An essential handbook for any valve amplifier enthusiast!

Can you say that about all that you find in a Google search? Still, for this American, Mr.

No, not a high-voltage negative regulator, which would be merely a mirror image of the above circuit, with PNP transistors replacing NPN types, my goal was a positive high-voltage regulator.


I wish everyone did business like you. Do not get me wrong here, as I greatly prefer such a style over the “Hey Dude, pass me the roach, I mean alligator clip” style of many guitar amplifier books. What intrigued me was this question, Is it possible to make a high voltage regulator based on an LM? The Elliott Sound Practices web site offers wonderful heatsinking explication, guidelines, and design practices. Speaking of guts, here is what those three pins connect to internally.

Advanced practitioners will find much to like in these and in the following five chapters. If you are planning to build or mod an amp this book is a must! My guess is that the circuits are still too naked, requiring more protection devices, such a resistor in series with the LM’s adjustment pin and some of the capacitors.

Designing Power Supplies for Valve Amplifiers – Merlin Blencowe – Google Books

Just more satisfaction in the bag, there. Although this book is not intended for the beginner, learning is encouraged through practical design, and concepts are desitning at a basic level before the reader is accelerated to the stage of high-performance design, with over circuit diagrams and figures. Additionally, you can put your trust in Mr. Can a positive, high-voltage, series, voltage regulator a,plifiers made out of an LM? For example, although he praises silicon thermal pads, so much tidier, he says nothing about the up to 1.

Pages with related products. Blencowe knows who his DIY readers are and what their hopes and expectations are. Be warned, you will encounter many formulas in Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifiers, but do not worry, as only simple algebra is required.

I would have also expected either an appendix with the. See our Returns Policy. My library Help Advanced Book Search. But the capacitor also terminates into the ohm resistor, which is effectively grounded at its other end.


But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you find the book you’re looking for OK some paragraphs may take a reread to fully grasp but what technical book doesn’t. The zener both establishes a fixed reference voltage and a current path in parallel with the LM Learn more about Amazon Prime.

The low-voltage regulator establishes and maintains the fixed output voltage, while the high-voltage triode shields the solid-state device from lethal voltages. However, he includes full references if you need more details. It does have the usual Health and Safety caveats, which given my upbringing in the art are considered amusing if not entirely over the top designlng I certainly have no interest in whether hube not a transformer-less design is “illegal” in certain jurisdictions, just whether or not one can make them work but these modern hangups are not the author’s fault.

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For example, he begins a section titled “Relative output voltages of rectifier circuits” thus:. Although the negative bias voltage tap is usually only found on big power transformers that were intended for use in tube power amplifiers. Depending on our design goals, the same transformer and rectifiers allow many different arrangements, indeed, often better arrangements.

Useful for amlifiers state amps too. The LM is in control, measuring the output voltage and applying corrections as needed.