Generally refer to dry, well-ventilated locations, such as control cabinets. Manufacturer:. MEAN WELL ENTERPRISES Co., Ltd. No, Wuquan 3rd Road, Wugu. 2, comma 1, lett. o-sexies del DPR /97, così come integrato e modificato dal DPR /03, definisce autoctone le popolazioni o specie. 90 20 03 00 AUX_ACK – 1 bytes 00 10 Please refer to: DP va DPR Embedded AUX Monitor Equipment: • DPR unit.

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Phased Out End of Sale Download the datasheet. The “Extensions” selection describes test for the new features in DP 1.

D-Link Technical Support

Version D.p.r.120 Date Software: Find out more on how we use cookies and how you an change your settings. Specs Download the datasheet. It supports a wide range of network Operating Systems including: The new version is bringing some helpful new features for debugging DisplayPort 1.


A multifunction printer attached to the DPR can print, scan, and fax at the same time, giving this device better performance than any software-based print server at a fraction of the cost. Actual product appearance may differ from the image displayed on this page.

For information about the availability please contact Unigraf. The DPR provides security by allowing the administrator to configure user access rights to the printer.

In a few simple steps, it takes you through setting the Print V.p.r.120 up and configuring the attached printers 15 languages supported. This product was phased out on: The features of the Debug and Test Controller GUI are designed based on the deep knowledge that Unigraf engineers have gained in working with DisplayPort designers and in helping them in their daily work.

HP PJL protocol is also supported for bi-directional network printer communication, providing network administrators with critical information about the network printer. Easiness of use is a major factor in making the designer’s work more productive and helping him meet the product release deadlines.


Unigraf DisplayPort 1.2 Link CTS Extensions Tests Available

This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Unigraf’s tools are known for their easiness of use and reliability. When launched, the package will automatically take care of the update of both the GUI software and the hardware FW. Easy to Update The new installation package can be downloaded from Unigraf’s download page.

Carpa (para) autoctona

The new installation package can be downloaded from Unigraf’s download page. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Unigraf Support. Support Warranty Document Open support case.

Supporting scan, fax, and print functions, the DPR provides an easy and cost-effective way of sharing your USB printer over a network.