Informativo sobre Estilosantes Campo Grande. Informativo sobre Estilosantes Campo Grande. No automatic alt text available. 8 Likes2 Shares. English (US). Campo Grande in response to coating with zinc and boron. Potencial fisiológico de sementes de estilosantes cv. Campo Grande revestidas com zinco e boro.

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Effects of boron on nodule development and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soybean plants. Performance of rice seeds treated with zinc, boron and molybdenum. Some authors, in contrast, didn’t check effect of zinc and boron coating on FGC of rice and wheat seeds Tavares et al.

Therefore, the amount of oxygen required to cellular respiration, must be controlled without the impairment of enzyme activity Faquin, Similarly, Arjmand et al. However, Ohse et al.

Therefore, once the micronutrients are required in small quantities by plants, and from the results, it is ggrande to ewtilosantes out new tests to assess smaller doses, in order that we can recommend an appropriate dose for veneering of stylosanthes seeds cv.

However, these results have not been verified for the fresh and dry weight of shoots and root. Considering that the amount of micronutrients required by plants is small, the seed coating with micronutrients is an alternative supply, as it provides a better uniformity of distribution and utilization by plant, reduces losses, offers lower cost of implementation, in addition to improving the emergence and establishment of seedlings Wazilewski and Gomes, ; Farooq et al.

Daily counts were made of the number of emerged seedlings geande a period of 30 days. In addition, some authors have reported a negative estilozantes of Zn on RDW and total dry weight of sorghum and maize plants when used zinc sulphate as a source of micronutrient estilosaantes the light of increasing doses Yagi et al.

Leguminosa Estilosantes Campo grande | Agromax Sementes | Flickr

However, the tests were made of twinning and emergence of seedlings for characterization of the physiological quality of the lot, which provided the following values: International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciencev. The main function of zinc on the metabolism of plants is to work as an enzyme activator and component, being essential to the activity, regulation and stabilization of protein structure Dechen and Nachtigall, From the data relating to abnormal seedlings AS was unable to verify the negative effect of the treatments Table 1.


Growth analysis in seedlings rice in relation of the seed treatment with mineral nutrients. Campo Grande with the micronutrients zinc and boron. Plant Physiologyv.

The sources of micronutrients were boric acid and zinc sulfate. This effect may be the result of excess Estilpsantes added to the concentration already present on the seeds of this micronutrient, causing inhibition of root elongation Yagi et al.

From this recommendation the following treatments were established with the combinations of micronutrients: Daily counts were performed for determining the germination speed index GSI by the formula proposed by Maguireand the mean germination time MGTaccording estilosanhes Edmond and Drapala However, the results obtained with the production of dry mass are inferior to the genetic potential of the forage species, limiting the productive potential of the cattle industry Victor et al.

The covering of seeds of stylosanthes cv. Therefore, one can infer that, again, the osmotic effect estilosanes micronutrients may have interfered in the water potential of the coating, leading to decreases in speed of water absorption, which consequently reduced the emergence of plants.

Leguminosa Estilosantes Campo grande

However, the same did not affect the mean germination time MGT Table 1. It is important to highlight that the doses evaluated in the works mentioned are tiny compared to those used in this study.

This Fabaceae is characterized by presenting several positive aspects to the use in pastures, such as: The objective of this study was to evaluate the physiological potential of stylosanthes seeds cv. These results may be related to a better photosynthetic efficiency of plants from treatments with lower leaf area treatments 2, 3 and 6which may have etilosantes able to intercept the light energy and CO 2to dry weight production, better than plants with greater FA 4 Tavares et al.

The seeds were sown in two sheets of germination paper moistened with distilled water on volume of 2. Services on Demand Journal.

Micronutrients favor the development of plants, after its establishment. Micronutrients in adequate levels provide increased productivity and quality of crops. As for the biometric characteristics, some treatments with addition of micronutrients proved superior to the control, in cases such as for SL, RL, LA and NN.


Revista Brasileira de Sementesv. For the rest of the evaluations, the plants were kept in a greenhouse for a total period of 47 days. Boron and zinc are characterized by being absorbed in small quantities, due to the fact that they don’t participate in plant structures, but they are constituents of enzymes or act as its enablers Dechen and Nachtigall, According to Prado et al.

Cultivando o saberv.

None of the treatments proved superior to the seed not covered, especially on treatment 6 addition of g of boric acid and zinc sulfate estillosantes. Probably the reduction observed in the FGC is associated with osmotic effect provided by micronutrients. However, several authors report that the seed coating with these micronutrients either applied alone or in combination, does not affect the germination Ohse et al.

Influence of pelleting with micronutrients and botanical estjlosantes growth, seed yield and campoo of vegetable cowpea. The brazilian cattle industry focuses, in large part, in the Cerrado, which is characterized by the presence grznde micro aggregates that basically are mostly acidic soil with low capacity of cationic exchange CTC and high saturation by aluminum Vendrame et al. As boron regulates the synthesis and stability of cell wall constituents, if there is a deficiency of this micronutrient, the barrier that manages the diffusion of oxygen from outside the infected area by the lump can be broken, undermining the activity of the enzyme and, consequently, efficiency biological nitrogen fixation Yamagishi and Yamamoto, From the foregoing it was possible to estliosantes that the covering of seeds of cv.

Micronutrient application through seed treatments – a review. Germination test – carried out according to the modification of the Rules for Seed Testing Brasil,for the number of seeds by replication, with four replications of 50 seeds each, for each treatment. Similar results were observed by Ribeiro et al. In Brazil, the most practical and economical way of livestock support are the pastures.