Filmmaking, the definitive resource for filmmakers, blows the doors off the from Emmy-winning director Jason Tomaric, Filmmaking systematically takes you. Filmmaking. Direct Your Movie from Script to Screen Using Proven Hollywood Techniques. Book • Authors: Jason J. Tomaric. Browse book content. Jason Tomaric is a multiple Emmy, Telly and CINE award-winning, Los He has written two books, “The Power Filmmaking Kit, ” and “Filmmaking,” both of.

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The Power Filmmaking Kit: Tomaric and his collaborators were able to get essentially everything for free. But the movie is not without anachronisms, even to a casual viewer, and a distributor would not be fooled into believing the movie had a big budget.

Time and Again was clearly shot on video with non-actors. The lighting and camera work and sound are competent but not anything to write home about.

In any case, I appreciate the honesty of having the actual movie that is referenced in the book available to see what the result is of certain budget corners being cut. I actually believe that, given 2 million dollars and big name actors, the presentation of the story would not have been substantially improved.

I think emerging filmmakers will sympathize and find some of his examples of how he digitally created certain coverage after the fact useful. Those filmmakers should also note that re-shoots are expensive, so avoiding them through more thoughtful pre-production is always preferable.

The book begins with a chapter on writing. Nothing wrong with that; in fact it is good advice to give someone who is looking to sell their movie at the end of the process.

He also encourages optioning material and working with a writing partner.

Filmmaking: Direct Your Movie from Script to Screen Using Proven Hollywood Techniques

Both of these are potential traps for a low-budget filmmaker. Also, collaborating with a writing partner can sink a project if the collaboration goes sour. After all, you both own a piece of the material. Better to hire a writer — again, requiring a legal contract. Unit 2 is pre-production. This includes standard headings like Budgeting and Locations. It breaks down the types of insurance available.


In future editions I hope it is expanded to relate that there are currently very few companies who insure low-budget productions, and the cost of insuring them is quite high.

The book does include ballpark figures in the Crew and Equipment chapters, which is great and will be really helpful to inexperienced producers. Unit 3 covers production. The information on directing actors and acting techniques is great.

That chapter recovers quickly, thanks to some wonderful camera and lighting diagrams for scenes from Time and Again. Coverage is an interesting beast. You can always sense when it is bad. These diagrams go a long way towards showing how to break down complicated scenes with several lines of action. The Audio Recording section is good and includes a great recipe for a cheap boom pole. Unit 4 is Postproduction.

It goes all the way through editing and music to distribution. Additional modules are also available after free registration on the website, powerfilmmaking.

If the modules have a flaw, it is that they contain too much PR-type material of the cast and crew praising each other and not enough emphasis on nuts and bolts details of filmmaking. Putting aside the fact that a Firewire drive is too slow for many indie workflows, any kind of hard drive can almost be guaranteed to fail.

Only by having multiple drives in some sort of RAID array can access times and reliability be achieved.

In any case, the cost of even Mr. The extra files on the disc are in two folders: The forms are what will probably get the most use from anyone who buys the Power Filmmaking Kit. One can find example forms of varying quality free on the internet already — and you can edit them. This of course means people will file share… oooh. As of writing, the companion website, powerfilmmaking.

The layout looks weird until you register for the site.

After a free registration, you are invited to create a social networking page, where you can list your film credits and the equipment you filmmakimg access to. At time of writing, the Photo Gallery option did not appear to be working. As of writing, there were only registered users, and the forums were bare. I look forward to a second edition that improves upon what is a very good structure for learning about low-budget filmmaking.


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The Book The book begins with a chapter on writing. Here are the modules included on the DVD: Reading through these letters, you can see how Jason Tomaric was able to secure locations and equipment for free: There are also some pages from the newspapers that were used as props, distorted by the.

The Website As of writing, the companion website, powerfilmmaking. The Revenant Movie Reviews Archive. In the Can Wednesday Links: Classics Re-released Making Box Office Thanks for visiting Making the Movie.

Book Review: The Power Filmmaking Kit by Jason J. Tomaric – Making the Movie

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Filmmaker Jason Tomaric, who was shooting ‘Cl.One’ in Greater Cleveland: Whatever happened to …?

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