This tutorial will go through all the basics of FlashPunk. After following it, you’ll be ready to make a simple game with this amazing library!. Browse FlashPunk tutorial direct from indie game developers. Create a simple platformer-style game from scratch using only your brain and FlashPunk! – zachwlewis/FlashPunk-Platform-Tutorial.

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Now we move on to implement the player into the game world! World is an organizational class in FlashPunk: So if we have an Entity called Playerin it we can define hitbox parameters like this:. This is the place where we handle our input for the player.

We foashpunk input labels.

We create the playerSpritemap instance of type SpriteMap, which is used to store the entire Spritemap of the player character, and to become the graphic property of the Entity superclass.

The player input governs the movement and animation. An Entity represents any game object that can:. I have a problem with a couple of errors:. So that later, when you do your input checks, you just tutorizl to check for the label, and the underlying class does the work of looking up exactly which keys are to be checked.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But for now leave it as false, different timesteps will be discussed in more detail in later tutorials. Notify me of new comments via email.


This allows for customizable control schemes. Entity ; import net. The complete FlashDevelop project can be downloaded here. For this, we can use the collide function in Player again, and do this:. We then define a speed limit and the curAnimation variable of type String. I have a problem with flashpubk couple of errors: There are already plenty of resources available to learn how to do the latter. Nothing too fancy there.

FlashPunk Tutorial: Handling Collision

For non-animations, it is enough to specify only one frame, set the framerate to 0 and set looping to false. The function call Input. And I put it in a folder called assets. So the next step is to work with the most common class you will be working with in FlashPunk, the Entity class.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So to initiate your FlashPunk game, your Main class uttorial look something like this:.

FlashPunk Basics

Glad you liked it! This is the Engine class. For example, a simple Player Entity might move around in its update step, draw a sprite to the screen in its render step, and die when he collides with a Spike Entity. I hope you enjoyed the first part of the tutorial. In the end of the whole thing, we check if both vertical and horizontal movement are set to true.

So now, what if we want the Bullet to be destroyed when the Player collides with it? Usually, your Main class extends the Flash Sprite class, and might look like this:. There, put this image file. But the FlashPunk framework has a bunch of operations it does in the background, so it already has a specialized Sprite class which your Main class will extend. Currently working on reformatting the tutorial.


Also, I recommend that you follow the series in order, because the posts build up on each other. Entity ; import net.

Speed means change of position per frame each for the X and Y axis. FlashPunk has several types of Graphic classes available for different purposes. I was wondering is anyone could please me with those?

So test the game and see if the trace shows up, and if so we can move onto the next step. Thanks for this blow mind read!

Email required Address never made public. Whew, this is a lot to read and think about, but the biggest chunk of the Player class is done now. Our message tracing at 60 FPS. In the constructor, we immediately call the setupSpritesheet function.

For this example, I will open tutkrial our MyEntity class and embed it like so:. These tutorials serve to teach you how to make games using FlashPunk, but do not teach you the basics of ActionScript3 and how to use it.

The player character uses a so-called sprite sheet.