Each Fluke product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. The warranty period is one year and begins. Buy Fluke High Voltage Probe, CAT I V 80K Browse our latest multimeter-test-leads offers. Free Next Day Delivery. FLUKE FLUKE 80K-6 | High voltage probe; V DC:0รท6kV; V AC:4,24kV (VACrms impulse) – This product is available in Transfer Multisort Elektronik. Check out.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The warranty period is one year and begins on the date of shipment. Parts, product repairs and services are warranted for 90 days. Fluke warrants that software will operate substantially in accordance with its functional specifications for 90 days and that it has been properly recorded on non- defective media.

Fluke does not warrant that software will be error free or operate without interruption. Fluke authorized resellers shall extend this warranty on new and unused products to end-user customers only but have no authority to extend a greater or different warranty on behalf of Fluke.

Warranty support is available if product is purchased through a Fluke authorized sales outlet or Buyer has paid the applicable international price. To obtain warranty service, contact your nearest Fluke authorized service center or send the product, with a description of the difficulty, postage and insurance prepaid FOB Destinationto the nearest Fluke authorized service center. Fluke assumes no risk for damage in transit. Following warranty repair, the product will be returned to Buyer, transportation prepaid FOB Destination.

If Fluke determines that the failure was caused by misuse, alteration, accident or abnormal condition of operation or handling. Fluke will provide an estimate of repair costs and obtain authorization before commencing the work.

Following repair, the product will be returned to the Buyer transportation prepaid and the Buyer will be billed for the repair and return transportation charges FOB Shipping Point.


Since some countries or states do not allow limitation of the term of an implied warranty, or exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, the limitations and exclusions of this flukke may not apply to every buyer. If any provision of this Warranty is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such holding will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision. Box Everett, WA U. This means the probe can only be used to make measurements on energy limited circuits within equipment.

Examples include high voltage within televisions or photo copy machines. DO NOT use this probe to measure high voltages on power distribution systems. The divider also provides high accuracy when used with a voltmeter having a 10 megohm input impedance. A molded plastic body houses the divider and protects the user from the voltage being measured.

Specifications for the probe are as follows: DC to Hz: I Voltage derived from limited energy transformers. Measurement Considerations Before attempting to use the 80K-6, the following paragraphs should be read and understood.

Fluke 80K-6

Particular attention should be given to Operator Safety. Operator Safety A A Indicates the operator must this manual. Indicates terminals at which refer to an explanation in lethal voltages may exist.

All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. When handling the probe the following additional cautions must be taken: Always hold the probe by its black handle.

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Before using the probe, inspect it for cracks or missing gluke. Pay close attention to the probe body, tip and insulation surrounding the connectors. Protection may be impaired. When in doubt have the probe serviced.

Voltmeters with higher input impedances require the use of an external shunt to 80l-6 an accurate measurement. Use the following formula to determine the value of an external shunt resistor: To more accurately determine the load resistance, measure the resistance of the 80K-6 at its voltmeter connector and multiply the measured value by Operation Use the following procedure to operate the 80K Refer to the preceding Warning.


Connect the prebe cable to a compatible voltmeter. Use a shunt resistor if required. Select an apprepriate veltage range 1 volt reading per tluke volt probe input.

FLUKE 80K6 V HIGH VOLTAGE PROBE FLUKE – Radio Parts – Electronics & Components

Connect the 80k6- lead of the prebe to earth greund. Hold the probe by the black handle and cennect the probe tip to the circuit being measured. Observe the voltmeter reading. No calibration adjustments are provided on the prebe. Cieaning Use a soft cloth dampened with distilled water to clean the 80K Never use solvents or abrasive cleaners.

Disassembiy Use the following procedure to disassemble the probe: Unscrew the black handle frem the probe, and slide the handle onto the cable.

Unscrew the metal tip ene turn, and push in on the tip until the internal assembly snaps free of the housing. Withdraw the internal assembly frem the probe by pulling the metal ring over the threads en the probe body. Logically reverse this procedure to reassemble the probe.

Caution To avoid probe damage fluk repair, measure and, if necessary, adjust the outside distance between the ring and the probe coupling on the internal assembly before reassembling the probe.

Full text of “FLUKE 80K 6 Instruction”

The distance must be 4. Make the adjustment using the solder connection at 80kk-6 rear of the metal probe coupling. For application and operation assistance or information on Fluke products, visit the Fluke Website at: