Forbidden Love [Norma Khouri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. But Norma Khouri is a fake, and so is Forbidden Love. With Australian sales approaching ,, the book told of her lifelong friendship with a. Norma Khouri, author of the best-selling book,. Forbidden Love, was revealed as a literary hoax. Now, as a new documentary about. Norma premieres in.

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People are b out the point of the book. I believed it to be a work of non-ficiton. Published January 28th by Atria Books first published I would highly recommend this book to every woman and girl to read. I honestly don’t know how to rate this book. Dalia was a young, beautiful Arabian Muslim living with h I’d always believed that we’d spend our lives together She describes the murderers getting bail, fornidden is not part of Jordanian law.

A stark reminder of how love can easily sweep one off their feet, forgetting khoouri religious boundaries. Chicago police were about to issue a warrant for her arrest in but she took flight, eventually resurfacing in Australia as the best-selling author of the supposed memoir Forbidden Love.

Fortunately, I still get the same impression as I did a few years ago when first reading it. It was written well and in an engaging way, although the end was clear from the beginning.

The only thing kyouri I disliked about the book was that the back of the book was a spoiler.

Honor Lost: Love And Death In Modern Day Jordan

However, I can’t recommend it because, though there are some truths about honor killings in it, overall the story is fake. She said she wanted ofrbidden give police “all the information I have.

These ancient, barbaric rules are hard for Western society to imagine and even more so, difficult for us to believe they still take place today, and yet, they do. Feb 20, Viktoriya rated it it was ok. Instead, lying about it has served to bolster the view that the book serves to slander the Muslim way of life. Also, the publisher themselves have claimed the truthfulness of the book.

According to documents obtained by the Herald, a man called John Closterides told Chicago police in that he had a “romance” with Norma Bagain. I need others to read it so that through education these stories can occur less and less. I’m saddened that a Jordanian woman, who didn’t spend her live in Jordan, and not even Muslim, tries to attack a world she knows nothing about.


It is even more important to note that what is written in the Koran is interpreted by societies and cultures and this is what leads to immoral and unconscionable acts. It is a very controversial book in the eyes of most educated Jordanians. I’m sorry to horma that some people still are so fame hungry that they tell one big lie after another, I’m in no means ever racist, but this evoked my anger so much that I have to clarify this: Since Khouri still insists that the story is true, Broinowski gives her the opportunity to prove that it is fully or at least partly truthful; however, the evidence Broinowski firbidden indicates not only that Khouri’s book is fiction in spite of her father’s claim that it was true but that Khouri had committed a number of scams even before the forbiddem.

It’s important to note that the laws of Jordan are ultimately the same as it pertains to the “honor and reputation” of families and women. To ask other readers questions about Honor Lostplease sign up. This interpretation falls apart when you realise that Bagain never gave norka money that the book raised to women’s charities, as she’d promised the promise is printed on the back of some editions of the bookand that she still maintains, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that this is not a novel, but a memoir.

When police got a tip that a theft had taken place, they went to visit Mrs Baravikas.

Forbidden Love – Norma Khouri – Google Books

I After posting my review, I’ve read about this author as presenting the story as factual, when in reality it is fiction. At least one of those publishers, Random House UK, has announced it will kjouri her to recover its money. Khouri had not lived in Jordan sincebut had lived in Chicago for most of her life, and was married forbieden two children. And honour killings were never happened at least by the time she wrote the book.


Bestseller on honour killing ‘is a fake’ | World news | The Guardian

View all 5 comments. Jan 05, Liz rated it it was ok Shelves: The Sydney Forbodden Herald. Sep 15, Dua’a Ma rated it liked it. Feb 27, Ranjana rated it really liked it Shelves: I struggled with this unbalanced and preachy portrayal. T his is a story about Jordanian girl named Dalia, born and brought up in a very stoned Muslim family in Jordan; the Author claimed that she was Dalia best friend.

Khouri continued to insist she’d told the truth, even when confronted with public records which proved beyond all doubt she had spent most of her life in the United States.

Bestseller on honour killing ‘is a fake’

Despite the arguments over how realistic or fictitious this novel is, there are many true undertones such as, and primarily the main focus of the book on honor killings. Perhaps women in Frbidden don’t live in fear constantly, and this book may have slightly generalized an entire population, but honor killings do happen, and one is one too many. Take what you want from all the external controversy of this novel, but it was well written and effective to the point where you wholly believed what you read as any good and important book should make a reader do.

The most charitable interpretation of fotbidden fraud is that Bagain khouuri about the practice of honour killing, and chose to write a novel which khkuri felt exposed the crime, wrapping it up as memoir to improve its chance of being published and open a dialogue. What a pity she did not use this term from the beginning, then whether what is described comes from actual personal experience or from something she was alerted to from a newspaper article ceases to matter and the story could have taken it’s place perhaps without creating a political storm in Jordan and potentially jeopardising the long slow patient work that goes on there to transform that society from within.