Home > Rental Visit Us; West 22nd Street; New York, NY ; Call Sales: (); Call Rentals: () There are 0 upcoming events at Foto Care Rentals in New York, NY. Equipment rental has always provided both amateurs and pros an . •Fotocare. com: A retailer in New York City’s photo district, Foto Care.

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That surprised me, and I decided to check them out again. Ditto if something bad happens to the lens. Rental firms will tolerate minor scratches or scrapes on barrels or bodies, but if you break it, you buy it or pay the cost of repair. Foster Snell Photography Photographer. And on high-ticket items, you may be required to show proof of independent insurance, particularly if the replacement value of the item exceeds the credit limit of your credit card.

How-To: Renting Gear Like A Pro | Popular Photography

Really catching the cinematography bug? Contact the rental firm as early as possible to make sure the equipment is available; this is especially important if you have, say, a big sporting event coming up in your area. Equipment rental has always provided both amateurs and pros an affordable alternative to purchasing expensive gear. We now have the Canon Renyals to rent! When I last visited them they had a competitor across the street from a now defunct chain and I used to stop into Foto Care for a price comparison or to get something the other store did not have.

The rental firm will ship by FedEx or UPS or other carrier, and the rental period is generally considered to start the day of the first delivery attempt. Now the action is very much with the Internet rental outfits—such as lensrentals. Thank you Jeff for keeping Fotocare so professional. Not only do they have a fantastic fotocarre of gear for the serious and professional photographer, but their staff takes the time to learn about you and your photography and offer you guidance.


Here are the most important basics:. I consider Jeff a friend first then the owner of a great pro camera store. Websites for rental firms typically provide details about their individual procedures. New Jersey brick-and-mortar store Unique Photo rents equipment nationwide; it also offers rental rebates on purchase. See more of Foto Care on Facebook. Jenn Zappola, Personal Trainer.

How-To: Renting Gear Like A Pro

rentala I can’t remember how long Fotocare has been in business but I can remember that I have been shopping Skip rsntals main content. I had not been in the store for 5 years p View the discussion thread. With locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, CSI Rentals caters to professional videographers; it will also rent by mail order.

Like I said I rediscovered them. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Big Manhattan retailer Adorama offers rentals via in-store pickup, messenger service within New York City, or overnight carrier nationwide. Do you have a tripod and head that can stand up to it?

Pier 24 Photography Contemporary Art Museum. Colin Finlay Page Business Service. Ned and Aya Photography Videography.

San Francisco retailer Adolph Gasser also sells used equipment on consignment. Hey he shoots Leica, what can be better. New York City Photography Blog. But the rental business has undergone a sea change, due to both economic upheavals and the emergence of the Web as a commercial powerhouse. It was a photo event that was being held in NYC and Foto Care was there to offer some special discounts and services to the participants.


I have only rediscovered Foto Care in the past six months. Here are the most important basics: Gear How-To Galleries Shop.

Foto Care Rentals – ArtBridge

This is another big Internet-only rental outfit in the vein of lensrentals. This well-regarded Internet-only rental house has a large inventory of every type of gear and much information on its site.

Jason Jamal Nakleh Photography.

I have to say with their involvement in photography education and development as well as a fantastic staff and gear offering that is competitive, Foto Care has become rentala of my go to places. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram youTube pinterest rss. Have you heard the news? Leather Skirt Clothing Brand.

Legacy Properties Real Estate Company. In the past few years, several big-name New York City rental houses have closed up shop, including Allkit, Calumet, and Lens and Repro.

Manhattan-based video specialists Scheimpflug will rent you anything from a DSLR body to a grip truck including grips. They also have some educational events to enhance your knowledge and skills as well as supporting the photography community at large. Notify the rental outfit immediately of any problems. The Wall Street Journal. Pro Photo Supply, based in Portland, OR, rents a wide fotocage of equipment locally as well as nationwide via overnight carrier.

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