GFI Knowledge Base articles; Web forum; Contacting GFI Technical Support. If this manual does not A list of common issues encountered when using GFI FaxMaker: Email2FaxGateway Error during document conversion ยท Error Ensure that the FaxMaker printer driver on the server machine is installed on the GFIFAX port and is set up as default printer. Check that the application program. GFI FaxMaker Manual Online: Troubleshooting, Introduction, Common Issues, Table 14 Gfi faxmaker fax server getting started guide. . Document.

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GFI Back to gfi. Hi, I am having a strange problem when sending a fax from a client with outlook When i send a new default email HTML i get the following error: Job status Failed Additional information Error converting coverpage: Check that the application program is installed on the server and that there is association to print with the files.


1701 Fehler

Are you running IE 8 by chance? Log in to the server with the same credentials and ensure the FAXmaker printer is default printer.

Log in to the server with the same credentials and ensure the FAXmaker printer is default printer I already did check those. If you find that process kill it. No such process is running anywhere.

If it is related to IE 8, the only option is to upgrade to 14 call support and let us open a ticket. The server is restarted with IE6 and now we get the conversion timeout error in plain text email messages too!!

GFI v12 & Error converting coverpage:

I suppose that you didn’t meant IE8 uninstallation on client machine? What do you suggest?

We have to upgrade to 14 before opening it? Hello again, If we upgrade to v14 will we solve the problem or not?

GFI Faxmaker Error

We had the same problem. We had recently updated and ie8 was installed. After uninstalling ie8 on the fax server the issue cleared up. This was a problem with IE 8 and how it handles the default printer, our latest build seems to have resolved that issue.


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