Manual of Gorenje WA available to view on-line and download as PDF file Bedienungsanleitung Gorenje WA · Gorenje WA manual. Are you looking for the the instruction manual of the Gorenje WA? View the user manual of this product directly and completely free. On this page you find the Gorenje WA manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the you have any.

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When adding softener, be careful to fill the dispenser only up to the marked level. If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket outlet, then it should be cut off and disposed of safely inorder to avoid a possible shock hazard. With some models, thegasket with filter net is already fitted and any additional fitting into the nut on the straight attachment is notrequired. Auf meiner Wsche sind kleine schwarze, schmierige Punkte Fleckenwoher?

After certain time you may open the door if there is nowater in the drum, otherwise this is not possible. The program selector A may be turned in both directions, and the appropriate programselected according to the type of laundry washed and the required washing temperature see Program Chart forhelp.

Button-up shirts, close zippers, bedineungsanleitung ribbons, empty pockets and turn them inside out.

Kurzanleitung gorenje wa bedienungsanleitung downloaden Kostenloses

The permanent connection must be fitted by an authorized personnel only. These kinds of user manuals are effective; they assure bedienungasnleitung a customer will familiarize himself with the whole material, and won’t skip complicated, technical information of Gorenje WA Ifnecessary, clean the detergent dispenser.

In caseyou were not successful in repairing the malfunctions in spite of the above suggestion chart, call the nearestauthorized service shop. Required voltage andother information are written on the rating plate above the door opening of the machine.


You may select basic or partial programs. Kennt jemandeine Seite mit der Bedienungsanleitung oder kann mir jemand direkt sagen wie ich es auf bekomme?

When you close the door, the machine initiates the selected program. Washing machine is equipped with the dispenser partitiongate, so you may pour liquid detergent also into the central compartment certain models only. Waschmaschine ist leiser aber macht dennoch jetzt schlrf geruschebeim abpumpen. Clean thedispenser and firmly fix the cover to its place. After the adjustment tighten the nuts firmly A – towardsthe bottom of the machine! It is mostly in the manuals where we will find the details concerning construction and possibility of the Gorenje WA item, and its use of respective accessory, as well as information concerning all the functions and facilities.

Wir habeeinen hrtegrad von 17,6. Door may not be open during the washing cycle. Remove any leftover dried detergent from the bottom of the casing. After a successful purchase of an item one should find a moment bedienungsanleitnug get to know with every part of an instruction. Hoffe jemand kann mir helfen undwenn ja schon mal vielen Dank!

Short program Convenient for washing less stained laundry. Basic programs represent integral programs bedienungsanlietung all washing stages,including softening and spinning see Program Chart.

Failures Program is suspended in case a failure occurs.

An instruction’s purpose is to teach, to ease the start-up and an item’s use or performance of certain activities. Be sure to removethe transport brackets prior first use, otherwise the appliance may be permanently damaged. Die Waschmittelschublade ist daher stetssauberzuhalten. Before any transport block the machine byinserting at least one transport blocking rod. In case of low water pressure increase water level.

Add powder or liquid detergents according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wash separately the new colored textile products bedienungssanleitung the first time. Es sieht aus als wreeinfach graue Farbe auf die Kleidung getropft, die dann nicht mehr rausgegangen ist. Turn off theappliance and wait for a few seconds; turn the appliance back on and repeat the washing program.


Gorenje WA 50100 manual

Clean frequently the water inlet hose screen under running water. Rating plate with basic information is located above the opening of the machine. Below are few guidelines regarding how and why you should collect the product manuals. Switch themachine off by turning the program selector to position “0”. Leave the door ajar to allow the interior to dry. Clogging the pump with any such object would render thewarranty void!

Es rgert mich einfach so sehr, dass inKleidungsstcken, die ich vielleicht zwei mal getragen habe so groe Flecken sind, dass ich sie gar nicht mehranziehen kann. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Es handelt sich um Tenside, diese sindwasserunlslich und daher auf dunkler Wsche sichtbar. Leveling the appliance Put the appliance in horizontal position by turning theadjustable legs.

Unpleasant smell in the washing machine Clean the inlet pipe filter net. The rules should oblige the seller to give the purchaser an operating instrucion of Gorenje WAalong with an item. Die Ursache fr das Schumen liegt an der zu hohen Waschpulverdosis,am zu weichen Wasser oder am Waschpulver, das strker schumt. Prior selecting the washing program consult the sewn tab with information on a particular piece of laundry seeMaintenance Chart on the last page.

Immediately rinse the laundry once again. If thefailure is reported again, call a service technician. Undhier im I-Net finde ich keine Biedinungsanleitung.