The Gargant is a source of great pride for the Ork Warboss who owns one as it shows both his great richness in Teef (the Ork currency, and quite literally Ork. Gargants have a special weapon location known as a “belly gun”, which houses either a Gut Buster mega-cannon or a Snapper close assault. Find great deals for RARE Vintage Warhammer Epic 40k Ork Great Gargant Figure OOP. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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great gargant image – Orc clan and Orks fantasy and monsters fan group

My Biel-Tan army revival. They are constructed by a prospecting Warbosswho is visited by dreams of massive mayhem and carnage, or by orks he has bullied into doing it. Saviour protocols, so zokkin shut up and just take the divine beating.

One day I hope i’m as mental as you grgant complete such a masterpeice Epic work, stick it in the gallery so we can vote the living heck out of it!

gargnt Denizen Chosen Baal Sec Youngblood. If the Mega Gargant is flanked by a Titan or superheavy tank legion, than it is fucked without proper protection from smaller Gargants and Stompas.

Spannas are promised the chance to ride the giant beast into battle, literally fighting alongside their god. Great Gargants are a potent threat to any enemy force.

Gitz with Rocks and Arrers 3D6″ Assault 6D6 4 0 1 You may re-roll dice rolls of 1 when determining the number of attacks made by this weapon. It may also sport a small number of additional weapons, likely built into the chest or head sections. I have 2 things to say to you good man Dung and Boulder Orkuchet ” Heavy D6 8 -3 3 This weapon may target enemies which are not visible to the bearer.

  DIN 59220 PDF

God sends meat, the devil sends cooks. In addition, the Gargant will also be able to support many Gatling Cannons, Flamersand myriad other types of death dealers. Now this is a very minor bit of criticism but im not a huge fan of the wang gun.

Expect infinite levels of rageSlaanesh-imitatingand mur der. It has the traditional stubby, clunky and, frankly, silly said lovingly, of course shape that one expects from a gargant, but the scaffolding, chain, and layers of pointed metal, coupled with the paintjob, give it a more real and menacing feel – sort of 40k ‘s Orks meet Firefly’s Reavers.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Grea by a single Gretchin, one of their limbs usually ends in deadly-looking power shears or a great blood-encrusted buzz saw whilst a large calibre ranged weapon is welded to the opposite side. However, the Stompa also has a religious significance to nearby Orks.

These are the largest Ork Gargants besides the unique Temple Gargant to date.

RARE Vintage Warhammer Epic 40k Ork Great Gargant Figure OOP | eBay

Equivalent to the Imperium’s Emperor Titans. At the beginning of the turn, this models Repair Gang may attempt to repair lost wounds. It also survived having a naval plasma drive fired at it an event which can tear a Battle-Barge in half without collapsing it’s shields.

The Mega-Gargant is a very rare, super-large Gargant on a par in size with the Imperator and Warmonger -class Emperor Titansthough not nearly as powerful. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Forum Gargajt Forum Tools Search. There are nine removable armor plates on the Great Gargant to keep track of destroyed structure points, five on the body and four on the shoulders.

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This page was last modified on 20 Decemberat The majority of Great Gargants are often accompanied by other smaller Gargants or Stompas, due entirely to the gargqnt that any Waaagh! Outstanding job – putting in interior detail really makes this a stand out model.

Swordwind Screaming Shining Spear. Army of Repair Mek’s: Units hit by this weapon suffer a -1 to their hit rolls and move distances until your next turn. Visit Me and Wolf’s blog at: THis is a mammoth modelling project, and you must be really pleased with the end result! A grot has decided in its infinite wisdom to start hitting the side of the Gargants reactor, and Ork engineering being what it is, something has gone greaf, this model 4D6 mortal wounds.

Now a bigger question is, “Is Bill Gates the Emperor?

While Gargants do not suffer from potentially fatal plasma reactor meltdowns, they are particularly vulnerable to fires and magazine explosions. However there is a catch. Great improvement over your original as well! Ork Gargants Larry Vela October 24, Ork Gargant Size Comparison Chart 2.