Gry Garness liked a video 7 years ago. Gry Garness added to Favorites and liked 8 years ago From Gry Garness Beauty Retouching Techniques DVD. Gry Garness Retouching Video Tutorials. Welcome to the Gry Garness Photoshop Video Tutorials channel. You’ll find more than 18 hours of tightly edited. It is with sadness we report that Gry Garness, a retoucher and trainer many of our readers will be familiar with, lost her battle with lung cancer.

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There are a lot of comments from people here about how plastic the skin looks in this tutorial.

I own the DVD tutorial and I can tell gafness the skin texture is retained, also this particular technique uses the most highly retouched effect in the entire training dvd and is meant for the most retouched look, she even explains this clearly in the DVD. Retouching has been my day-job for a decade. If he actually viewed the entire training DVD in gxrness complete context he would retract that statement I’m sure.

To find out more about the video channel or subscriptions check out the About the Retouching Video Tutorials page.

Pop The Highlights With Gry Garness | Fstoppers

The desired outcome you deem as good or the image you want to create is subjective but the technique should be treated in the same way as a carpenter and his tools–use the correct tools for the job. Developing an obsessive interest in photography, I gyr myself in London, studying for gty degree BA Hons.

Some people should simply NOT be educators or trainers! The Photoshop Layers Workflow 30 min. When Max showed me Curves the penny dropped, garneas my head was firmly stuck inside the computer from that day onwards. It was a well-received experiment, and in I was even more surprised when my retouching DVD became a huge success! What all the people commenting are not even taking into consideration is that this is a YouTube video and therefore is not going to display the true detail of the retouching and it will instead appear to lack detail or look “plastic”.



Delivering Image Files To Clients 8 min. Garenss Features In Photoshop 11 min. Conversely, does it help barness if someone creates nice looking images that are created in a technically vry way and teach us nothing? I do think her website could do with a bit of a revamp and I think some links to actual images in the youtube description might help; however, people are always going to do their very best at trying to impress me with their stupidity so perhaps it’s not worth the time.

Log in or register to post comments. You can download some ebook samplers from this site, and they are available at the Eureka Imaging Publications site.

I wanted to share some thoughts on my situation, in the hope that it can give some food for thought to the many who face cancer or other illness with….

Tool-free Selections In Photoshop 9 min.

The final touches on this channel will be my last work, as I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although my first task was to complete the Video platform on Eureka!

To get full details of a tutorial or to watch a trailer simply click the video thumbnail. According to the doctors and all those around me, my realism and my attitude in this situation is very unusual. The fact that shes doing exactly what the adversting departments of those companies ask for doing something right gryy nothing to do ganess wether it is or isnt false advertising.

I think there are bad methods to retouching even though some people say “the best way is the method you’re comfortable with! I understand that this is the industry standard these days but I would gladly see it die off like a pair of stonewashed jeans Retouching Lips 22 min. At this time all ebooks were horrible, badly designed documents that were obviously planned as printed books, but I saw my ebooks as pure screen-books, and came up garbess an intuitive landscape design, making the tutorials work perfectly for the computer screen.


Digital Retouching by Gry Garness

I spent lots of time in the darkroom throughout the nineties and early noughties, trying to create effects which later morphed into the digital version, after I one day traded a Photoshop lesson from old guru and old friend Maxwell Fergueson — for a haircut.

I have arranged for my work to be well looked after in the future, so keep an eye on Eureka for any news. This training-video platform now has more content than the original DVD, and is aimed at the advanced garmess.

Using Gradient Map in Photoshop 10 min. This site is currently undergoing some changes, with much more focus on photography, less on retouching training in person.

Philip Countyhouse Graphics – May 5, The plugin software on the market cannot create anything remotely good You won’t find these on a torrent!

I like her style but for the sake of discussion let’s assume we all find it disgusting. I had a lucky break when I graduated, hitting the ground running, with an agent and lots of fashion work. Gry’s technique is logical and good. Adding Eyelashes on Garenss 21 min. Hair Retouching in Photoshop 30 min.