Download Owner’s Manuals. Portable Keyboards/Organs. SK Series · SK Supplement – Using the USB Port · Quick Start to SK Operating System · Quick Start to. HAMMOND XK2 MANUAL — | PDF | 36 Pages | KB | 19 Oct, If you want to possess a one-stop search and find the proper manuals. This is in real good condition, works perfectly. complete w/ original expression pedal, all cables & owners manual nice portable electric draw bar.

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It has an incredibly robust keyboard. Connect the XK-2 to an amplifier, or; This product, either alone or in combination mnaual an amplifier My mnaual minor complaint of the XK-3 factory presets is that they are bass heavy.

It is on my deep wish list and I would have one in a heartbeat if I could work out a way to get back into the real Leslie or Motion Sound habit. Most people cannot afford it and I think that is why you do not see or hear of them that much.

The Percussion feature on the XK-2 recreates the original implementation of Percussion. There is a full explanation of how to use the XK-2 with a Leslie Speaker cabinet starting on page Manuxl steps 1, 2 and 3 above.


Push this switch in at the top to turn the XK-2 “ON. Don’t have an account? Therefore, it is a good idea to periodically back up your data.

The B-3 World of Join the HC Newsletter. Not sure about how tone compares when using a motion sound amp, tho IMHO that is the component in a band situation that really gets the “Hammond” sound. If you wish to do this: Riposa in pace, fratello”.


Brown Drawbars With the Hammond Organ Drawbars, a touch of a finger is all that is needed to make the tone quality softer or more brilliant, richer in one harmonic or another. Most clones are all close enough hmmond a simulation The Information Center Display should look similar to this: For more information about this function, see page Both these are subtle effects and may require careful listening to detect the differences among the various settings.

The tube preamps are cool too, nice screaming overdrive Plus you can bodge a dual manual setup using the XK33 carcass thingy that the XK3 fits into.

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Drawbars, often called Tonebars, are the heart and the basis of the renowned Hammond Sound and have been used since the first Hammond Organ Model A introduced in Now pull the 3 Black Drawbars all the way out.

NONE of them sound like a Leslie Login or X2 Up. Each key will sound when played regardless of whether other keys are being held.

Not to mention an incredible tone. I am a big proponet of the XK-3 even though it is not popular with all the Electro hero-worshipers that are all over this board.

Im thinking that at some point I will have to stop this and start doing other things. I also run it through a CLS Manufacturer assumes no responsibility for loss of memory caused by damage to the unit after purchase, such as power surges, battery replacement, repair, etc.

Color Groups Hold down middle “C” on the manual. For example, you could have Piano on one part of the keyboard, Strings playing from another x2k of the keyboard, Wood Bass from another area of the keyboard and Trumpet from still another portion of the keyboard. Once you have that, the actual organ is much less important.


Hammond XK2 and XK3

THRU and can be useful if you are recording sequences and want to listen to previously recorded tracks as well as a track you are currently recording. Hammond XK2 and XK3 If you’re recording uammond this is something where the Hammond is featured prominantly, or you’ve been a B-3 player for years, well that’s another story.

I think it is the one to beat, for sure. I am sure there will be no problems, but if there is, my moderation team will take action. This information is only displayed for a short time. After listening to both, the XK-3 is the winner hands down. Percussion Touch Any degree of detachment is sufficient.

Drawbars a few words of explanation about the Drawbars themselves are in order. View the Mabual Kit. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

Hold down middle “C” on the manual. Try to get one or demo one. It is actually quite popular with me, but I don’t own one at this point. A Leslie Speaker cabinet, in addition to amplifying the basic sound, also uses mechanical rotors which turn at different speeds to add different animation effects. I’ve searched the threads, and I didn’t find anything comparing the two directly.

I was not able to really afford it either but got a good deal that I could not refuse. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.