POWER SUPPLY HANTAREX – US | Video Games & Consoles, Coin- Operated Gaming, Arcade Gaming | eBay!. Connect the main PC-Board to Hantarex US Power supply. Hantarex US repair start. High ripple on the +5v, failed +12v and one of the fuses has been wrapped in wire, which is never a good sign.

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Take a look at US schematics, anyway bantarex also my replies below. So I’m trying to wake up my old mame cabinet again, putting an Arcade monitor in it with a MTC chassis.

I also happen to have a US power supply. You can use it to supply Hantarex monitors and game board.

The blog of ArcadeUK: Hantarex US repair start

Is that a problem? To where do I connect them on the MTC? To V AC input of the monitor, to supply the degauss circuit. The MTC needs V for the degauss, which is normally done on the chassis.


The blog of ArcadeUK: Hantarex Us fixed?

You simply put the plug hantarxe the wires around the tube on the two pins you mentioned instead of putting them to the two pins on the chassis. Luigi on May 03, I did take a look at the schematics, but I was confused because: I couldn’t find anywhere in the MTC schematics that this chassis can hsntarex that too. The Hantarex chassis are very tolerant regarding this voltage I will ask Winni, the Monitor-Jedi, how the range is.

And that’s why I was a bit confused, get it? You need to see it like part of what hntarex is on the monitor itself is now done in the separate power supply.

Why our Hantarex friends thought that this was a good idea will always be a mystery to me Connect the V output to V input of the monitor and it will work fine. By giving on gantarex 1 and 2 DC voltage you bypass the rectifier stage and works the same.


For the degauss circuit, connect the degauss output of the US to the V input of the monitor. Peace and have fun! Thx Matteo, I did that and it’s working, the monitor came alive and is ready to use.

Hantarex US250 psu

The US power supply also provides power for degauss. Does the V for the degauss need to be isolated, or can it be connected to the wall socket? Powered by SMF 1.

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