How to Plan MAIO and HSN – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) 8 OMO BSC GSM V9R11R12R13 Frequency Hopping. A mobile allocation index offset (MAIO) refers a time delay separating traffic channels. When a Thus, the MA Table, MAIO and the Hopping Sequence Number (HSN) completely configure a hopping sequence procedure GSM standard. View Test Prep – Frequency hopping from ECE at D A V College Cheeka. What is HSN and MAIO in GSM? – + February S M T W T F.

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It is presumed that addition of the site is very easy in SFH. The benefits of hopping increase miao more frequencies are available for hopping. In cases where Loading Factor constraint can not be followed, those carriers should be kept in fixed frequency mode. Alternatively, for the existing network quality additional capacity can be provided.

Frequency Hopping – GSM

Also there is a plan to reserve these for micro cells. For a fast moving mobile, the fading situation can be avoided from one burst to another because it also depends on the position of the mobile so the problem is not so serious. So there is no option to use 32 on hopping otherwise it will be underutilised. Due to this there was degradation in call success rate and SD loss factor.


JP Road V2 – both 4. X Like My Work Follow. The sequence for hopping remains same and is repeated continuously. All the calls suffer from controlled interference but only for short and distant periods of time, not for all the duration of the call.

Presently MAIO is set on per carrier basis. Hopping carriers will have much better call quality than znd frequency plan. Based on this matrix, along with other algorithms, it allow a better design of parameters based on such critical conditions in traffic load and access. The results are dependent on the traffic loading carried during the drive and also on the quality of BCCH or the hopping carriers.

Activities in SFH Implementation: The power level and coverage were the same as it was during the Fixed plan.

Mobile Allocation Index Offset

MAIO is just a start number take it like this, it is simply an offset of trx to start hopping. So remaining 4 frequencies will be used selectively. Churchgate BPL Gallery 3. Various scenarios are explained below: Call origination and termination was not possible. The MA-list is automatically generated if the baseband hopping is used. As a result drop call rate reduces in ni network.

Vashi Sect V3 5.

Work of MA, HSN and MAIO in GSM |

The frequency is changed on a per burst basis, which means that all the bits in a burst are transmitted in the same frequency. The benefit of selecting these maio is, hopping sequence will start from different frequencies coz of which there ll be a gms less chance of facing interference and gwm reduction is a important issue to be reduced.


In sectors that have 3 NBCCH Carriers, it is observed that there is degradation in performance of surrounding sectors with same MA list during the peak hours. In some areas consistency could not be established.

Well, first defining MAIO: BCCH Plan for the entire network and monitor for 1 week Your email address will only be published if you pay to post this message. From the drive results following are the areas that had shown Voice Quality problems. If BCCH is included in the hopping sequence, timeslots 1 to 7 can not be used to carry traffic. Drive test tools that display decoded layer 3 information are used for monitoring frequency hopping networks.

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