Contribuições da teoria das inteligências múltiplas para a avaliação da produção de aprendizes em cursos de formação de tradutores. 3 fev. Transcript of A TEORIA DAS MÚLTIPLAS INTELIGÊNCIAS E SUA POSSÍVEL CONTRIBU. 1º ENCONTRO (4 horas) Primeiras aproximações. INTELIGÊNCIAS MÚLTIPLAS AS INTELIGÊNCIAS SÃO 1) Lingüistica 2) Musical 3) Lógico – Matemática 4) Espacial 5) Corporal – Cinestésica.

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A social constructivist approach to translator education. As Don Kiraly muultiplas, p. John White has argued that there are significant issues around the criteria that Howard Gardner employs.

The existence of idiots savants, prodigies and other exceptional individuals. Institute of Education, University of Mulitplas. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. We use cookies to ensure that we give muliplas the best experience on our website. The Translator, Manchester, UK, v. If, for example, the teaching of a given subject draws mostly upon intrapersonal intelligence, the assessment of the learning of this subject could be based on self-evaluation, which requires an awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. However, new winds have begun umltiplas blow, and the last decades have brought new epistemological and psychological perspectives which are having a great impact on all levels of education.

Insights, aims and visions. Project Zero provided an environment in which Howard Gardner could begin to explore his interest in human cognition. According to Gardner, teachers should observe their students as they make use of the symbolic systems of each competence.


Inteligências múltiplas by Jackson de Jesus on Prezi

I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place. Epistemological problems in translation and its teaching.

Susceptibility to encoding in a symbol system. Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences and education. The most traditional translator training method involves the discussion of translations previously made by the students and presented and compared in class.

Data have been collected in classes of undergraduate students of technical translation at PUC’s translator training program; some evaluation strategies are currently being tested and analyzed.

As already mentioned, students should have the opportunity both to take advantage of their most pre-eminent capabilities and to stimulate their less developed types of intelligence. Writers, poets, lawyers and speakers are among those that Howard Gardner sees as having high linguistic intelligence.


Support from psychometric findings. On the ATA website it is possible to learn that the primary reason for not using computers mulltiplas the exam is a combination of practicality and fairness. It is also quite obvious that this agreement can be used only in particular circumstances, since it implies grading processes and products that may be different for each student, yet may have the same weight in the computation of final scores.

How to cite this article. There are further questions around the notion of selfhood that Howard Gardner employs — something that he himself has come to recognize. They also see the necessity to adapt testing methods to the revised curricula and methodologies.


Edward Gardner e a Teoria das Inteligências múltiplas by Miguel Félix on Prezi

Gardner, Howard ; Frames of Mind: A candidate will fail the exam if his or her translations contain more than one serious error, or one serious and more than three light errors, or more than six light errors, in one passage.

Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences. He proceeded in a very different direction to the dominant discourses associated with Piaget and with psychometric testing.

A multiplaa could also assign the translation of a poem and then ask students to individually read aloud the translated version as the teacher simultaneously reads the original aloud, the two voices and versions together, hopefully in unison.

There are plenty of other questions around — but these would seem to be the most persistent:. Educators, salespeople, religious and political leaders and counsellors all need a well-developed interpersonal intelligence. Seven kinds of intelligence would allow seven ways to teach, rather than one.