1 Internship Report On Habib Bank Ltd. Chapter – 2 Introduction of HBL. CHAPTER– 2. INTRODUCTION OF HBL. EVOLUTION OF BANKING IN PAKISTAN. AN INTERNSHIP REPORT ONHIMALAYAN BANK LIMITED (HBL) Submitted By: Submitted To: Office of the Dean Faculty of Managem. Internship Report on Hbl. Uploaded by bbaahmad Internship Report . HBL established operations in Pakistan in and moved its head office to. Karachi .

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Raja Repprt, guided me well enough to prepare this entire report and even during my internship Zahid Hussain Roll No. Serve commerce and trade community.

At the time of independence there were offices of schedules banks in territories now consisting Pakistan. But after the announcement of independence plan, the banking services in Pakistan was seriously suffered the banks transferred their registered offices from Pakistan to India.

So, by 30th Junethe number of office schedule banks in Pakistan declined from to In JuneMr. Agha Hassan Abedi decided to open a bank different from other to provide modern banking facilities to trade and industry and to promote the habit of saving among common people.

After all these formalities on 7th NovemberUBL came in to existence as a schedule bank. oh

It was registered as Joint Stock Company. The bank was incorporated with an authorized capital of Rs. Agha Hassan Abedi inafter nationalized MrA. K Yousaf was appointed as managing director for a short while and later on designated as president; he was replaced by Mr. Aia-ud-din in on 1st January Progress of this estimated institute could be measured in terms of deposits and number of branches opened. UBL have been ranked as number three banks in Pakistan in terms of deposits and branches.

In first overseas branch was opened in London, in two branches in Bradford and Birmingham were also opened in Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches were opened.

More important thing is that UBL is pioneer in computerization of banking. Its larger branches are fully computerized. Saving and current deposit art computerized in almost all branches. Now UBL is on the road of growth with reference to market share and network.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan P. Supervisor Customer Services Two officers are working in Supervisor Customer Services who are providing their services to the customers Mr. Moosa and other is Miss Noshana. These officers perform the following services. Intenship has taken progressive steps and has introduced innovative products and services to provide you a variety of banking and financing services.

Foreign Term Deposit Account. UBL Profit helps you earn extra income with your hard earned money, while providing absolute trust and security.

Our network is growing at an amazing pace and now you can avail services like cash withdrawal, payments, deposit, stop payment, Zahid Hussain M. With online banking services, you can get your cheque cleared instantly, without any hassle. Make payments or receive payments within minutes using our online facility. With the introduction of Internet Banking now funds transfer is even made easier and is just a click away.


No restrictions on the number of withdrawals and deposits. Our network is growing at an amazing pace and now you can avail services like cash withdrawal, payments, deposit, stop payment, acquisition of account statement and many more from more than online branches. Be it trade, business or personal finance, the UBL Unisaver allows you maximum flexibility, yet gives you optimum returns. By opening a UBL foreign currency savings account: This is what you call value for money. This is primarily aimed toward helping the low income group to benefit from the banking services without having the pressure to maintain specific balance amount with ijternship banks.

Find below basic product features of the Product: UBL deals with different kinds of loans for different sectors. The following are the products of its advances. UBL Money is a fixed installment loan. It gives you access to funds starting from Rs. You can select any tenor from 1 to 5 years itnernship the multiple of 6 months. This is not feasible to show because this not execute till now in Bahawalpur.

Eligibility Criteria You are eligible if: Employed for the last 6 months or have been in business for the last 3 years. Just follow the simple steps: UBL introduces Cash line — the most flexible loan, providing you up to Rs. Now you can turn your dreams into reality with UBL Address- the unique offering that makes you the owner of your home while remaining within your limited income.

UBL Address understands your home financing needs and offers you a variety of fixed, floating and adjustable rate options-because at UBL, where you come first. The fixed markup rate gives you peace of mind and allows you to plan your cash flows better. For example, on a 15 year loan of RS. No pre-payment penalty after the initial 3 years. For example, on a 15 year loan of Rs.

Floating Rate In this option, you get a fixed rate for a period of 12 months that gets re-priced annually. Types of Finance 1. Offering you for the first time in Pakistan, No Down Payment and processing charges till your application is approved. After approval, you can take your Purchase Order to any of our authorized dealers, pay the Total Cash Outlay amount and simply drive away with your preferred car. With UBL Business Financing facility, you can now take your business to greater and newer heights, and achieve the level of success that you truly deserve.

UBL Businessline is a running Finance facility that not only provides funds for growth but also enables you to capitalize on profitable opportunities. With UBL Businessline, now you will surely say: If you have a small or medium-sized business, UBL can assist you with the right mix of banking services that will help you manage and grow your business.

Our experts will facilitate you in the varied financial situations that you come across.

We will respond to your needs promptly because we understand how much your customers, your employees and YOU depend on us Eligibility Criterion: UBL enables farmers to buy good quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural implements. Agricultural loaning is an art or science of business, which deals with productions of Crops and rearing of birds and animals to meet the basic necessity of life that is food cloth and shelter.

Sources of Funds The only and strong sourcing of financing agricultural loans is banks own deposits and income receiving from its investment. Type of Financing There are three types of financing which are as follows…. This type of Financing is for the purchase of seeds, fertilizer, labors, and Food for animals etc. This type repoort financing is for the purpose hnl purchase of Tractors, Tubwells, godowns, storage houses, bulldozers, land labeling, agri Equipments or any material for the construction of poultry form or fish Form etc.


Criteria of Financing The following persons are fallowing in the criteria financing for agri loans. Sanction Limits For productions Sugarcane per acre Rs 16, Cotton per acre 10, Wheat per acre 6, Rice per acre 6, Rate and limits can vary area to area.

For Development The person should bring quotations of the thing for which he is approving loans from three authorized dealers.

It is in the option of the bank that which one is accepted, one of them should be acceptable. After accepting the quotation bank can sanction one these debt equity ratio Repayment Schedules Demand Finance for productions purposes paid at maturity. Cash Finance for production should clean up for 3 days at any time once in a year, there is no renewal of documents.

Markup is charge internshjp daily product basis. Muhammad Fazal is working and providing foreign exchange and ATM services. Dealing of Foreign Exchange The following instruments are used in term conversion reportt foreign exchange. Taz Raftar Cheaques 3. There is call center located there; it handles transactions for all non-automated agents and answers queries from Zahid Hussain M.

Money Gram has a world -wide agent base of over 29, agents, which allows customers to transfer funds around the world within minutes in over countries. The Money Gram service will enable our customers to send and receive funds in 10 minutes.

Money Gram is a minute person-to-person money transfer service, which is quick and reliable and allows customers to send money worldwide.

Thousands of people already use the Money Gram service every day, taking advantage of the extensive Money Gram equality agent network.

Come & Join Us at | Muhammad Haroon –

Over agents in more than countries are linked worldwide to make sure that money is transferred without delay. There are no complicated procedures and there is no requirement for a bank account or credit card.

With our large network of branches, we are poised to offer you service almost at your doorstep. UBL’s new remittance service, TezRaftaar offers all overseas Pakistanis the fastest and the most convenient delivery of their money to their beneficiaries in Pakistan.

In continuation of the same tradition, UBL in the shape of “Hamrah” Rupee Travelers Cheque enhances this facility for the convenience of its valued customers by offering denominations up to Rs. UBL “Hamrah” has been designed keeping in mind, both convenience and security – be it business, property, trade or personal needs. Hamrah RTC’s are now accepted at more than places such as hotels, shops, real estate agents, jewelers, car dealers, etc and of course at all our UBL branches.

Available in denominations of Rs. At any of the large network of designated UBL Branches, countrywide. Indicate choice of designated UBL Branch for refund, which will be within days only.