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There is a big difference between what children of 5 can do and what children of 10 can do. For the older group it is often good to have a continuing story so that you read a bit of the book every time you see them.

The performer must also be focused on the form,or thinking about correctness. Yarin saat onda seni ararim. Belirli ve belirsiz tanim edatlari The belirli tanim edati a, an belirsiz tanim Masc.

Hasta olsaydin doktora gider miydin? Zamanim olursa arkadaslarimi ziyaret edecegim. Play with the language: Bu kadar hizli kullanma. Pp pe patates deki p gibi okunur. These activities are often used to check what the pupils ispamyolca, but they can also be used to give new information.

But this is wrong according to the acquisition-learning hypothesis, which maintains that adults also acquire the ability to ”pick up” a language doesn’t disappear at adolescence.


Sen babana bir sapka aliyorsun. Roughly-tuned input provides ”built-in” review. Onlar olmus olsaydi tiyatroya gitmis olurduk. Insallah onu imzalamis olur. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.

İspanyolca Kursu

Felipe tiene que darme el dinero. Some pupils work best alone. What this means for our teaching Words are not enough: Juan onu almaya gelmis olmalarina seviniyor. While teaching a foreign language at primary level, which one of the followings is not one of the conditions?

Have an English corner. You must never forget that ispanyooca class is an interactive class and the role of the participation is most important.

Yagmur yagmasaydi plaja giderdim. Karisiyla mutlu olacak mi? No bebas el agua! Small changes in certain late-acquired morphemes that are not enough to disturb the natural order may be termed light monitor use. Unnatural orders are ispanyolcq results of a rise in rank of certain morphemes,the late-acquired,more learnable items.

No puedo venir contigo. Zz zeta, ceda Ispanyolca’daki c harfi gibi okunur.

The primary focus of this first semester of Spanish is to develop your ability to understand Spanish and to express yourself in basic situations. These conditions are necessary and not enough.

[PDF] Ispanyolca Ders Notlar – Free Download PDF

Belki siz bize yardim edebilirsiniz. Insallah polis hirsizi yakalamis olur. Specifically,the monitor derrs to do better with rules that are easy ,simple in two ways: These people alwasys try to monitor. Inb writing and in planned speech,when there is time,optimal users will make any correction they can to raise the accuracy of their output.


Report “Ispanyolca Der Notlar”. Aramis olmasi beni sevindirecek. Tt te U u Vv uve, ve, ve corta, ve baja uve doble, Ww doble ve, doble u sesli okunur.

Mark all your files and boxes so that you and your pupils know where to find what. Birinci kisim bir sarti,ikinci kisim ise o sarta bagli olan bir isi,bir durumubir eylemi bildirir. Every rule cannnot be learned even by the best student.

The acquisition of grammatical structures proceeds in a predictable order. Filling in missing information: Bize yardim etmek istemiyor. You may want to tell parents how their children are doing. Repeat stories, rhymes, etc. Le gustan a ella.