Putin’s Favorite Philosopher Discusses Fascism (Ivan Ilyin) This Russian Philosopher Believed Russia Was Made Great by Its Orthodox Faith (Ivan Ilyin). The Russian president’s favourite thinker is Ivan Ilyin, one of the intellectuals the Bolsheviks deported on one of the “philosophers’ ships” in. Who is Ivan Ilyin, and why is Putin so indebted to this marginalized Russian figure?

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How did we get here? Freedom means knowing your place.

Ivan Ilyin – Wikipedia

A Curious Reader says: The more outrageous the official lie was, the more it allowed people to demonstrate their faith in the Kremlin. It will also be total rubbish. Infor instance, Putin cited comments by Ilyin about the need to limit state power; and in he cited a statement by Ilyin about the liyin of freedom.

Operative in the Kremlin. His thesis on Hegel and his book on the ethics of violence are serious works of philosophy. Snyder is very astute at joining the dots in how Russian propagandists, human or digital, sought to spread fake news to undermine faith iilyin the democratic process, at the same time giving overt support to European separatists and Russia TV regulars such as Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage. In the end he had to flee Germany.

And he wants us all to know who is to blame for this terrible state of affairs, so that we can defend ourselves against it while there is still time.

His ideal was the monarch who would iva for the good of the country, would not belong to any party and would embody the union of all people, whatever their beliefs are. According to Snyder Ilyin developed his concept of the conscience of law for more than 20 years until his death.


For that reason, The Road to Unfreedom requires a detailed response. He was at heart a monarchist, and felt that post-communist Russia would be so intellectually and morally bankrupt that it would not be capable of sustaining a democratic order. As of23 volumes of Ilyin’s collected works have been republished in Russia. Martin Heidegger was one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century, but he was also at one point a member of the Nazi Party. In my last post, I said that the ideas of Eurasianism and Alexander Dugin were just several among many influencing Russian policy makers, and even then in a highly bowdlerized way.

The New York Times. Timothy Iliyn is at it again. The two above mentioned factors led to egalitarianism and to revolution. He became the main ideologue of the Russian White movement in emigration and between and was a publisher and editor of the Russian-language journal Russkiy KolokolRussian Bell. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. He answered that the reason was “the weak, damaged self-respect” of Russians.

What do you do? Archive All posts by date. Therefore, Ilyin recognized inequality of people as a necessary state of affairs in any country. You know the answer, of course.

In fascism the leader is some kind of hero, who emerges from myth. But that meant that educated upper classes had a special duty of spiritual guidance towards uneducated lower classes. Ilyin generally disapproved of the Russian Revolution of and did not participate actively in student political actions. Make Russian conservatives out to be iluin in the mouth nationalists and haters of the West.


First, develop a clear overall thesis which fits with the current zeitgeist.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in moving his remains back to Russia, and in consecrated his grave. While necessary, attacking ISIS is not a morally good action.

These are, of course, extremely simplified models, but as long as one takes them uvan types rather than as rigid descriptions of reality, they serve a useful analytical purpose.

The Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder review – chilling and unignorable

Otherwise, the evil will merely return once you defeat it. Moreover, this thesis has an kvan political purpose.

In this culture war, disinformation was critical. I cannot imagine what definition of fascism he is using to draw this conclusion.

The other point was the wrong attitude towards private property among common people in Russia. While a student Ilyin became interested in philosophy under influence of Professor Pavel Ivanovich Novgorodtsevwho was a Christian philosopher ivwn jurisprudence and a political liberal. Snyder has a good idea. Retrieved from ” https: During his life he refused to publish his major work About the Essence of Conscience of Ivvan and continued to rewrite it.

Ivan Ilyin

But Snyder makes a compelling case for the obscure Russian ivaj as an indirect, and insidious, influence. Ignore all their statements about their admiration of the West. Inthe German Nazis fired Ilyin and put him under police surveillance. Given what the newspaper is publishing nowadays, Duranty is facing some stiff competition.