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Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Monster by Joely Skye. Monster Minders 1 by Joely Skye. True love…or a trap? To his horror, they do just that.

Kir let his loneliness and instant attraction to Josh lure him into a trap he should have sensed. Even as his consciousness fades, he sinks psychic hooks into Josh as a pure reflex, a survival instinct honed by years of abuse at the hands of the agency.

Not only because of what Kir is, but why the agency wants the boy back. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions skge Monsterplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

Mar 23, Kelly H. I’m giving all three virtually the same review because they’re basically more of a serial novel than a series. You have to read all three in the series because the first two end in cliffhangers and they’re short. I’m someone who requires a happy ending, but it was okay, because I had the other books at hand, and I knew it would eventually turn out okay.

The end really isn’t an ending, it’s very much the end of a section or chapter. I I’m giving all three virtually the same review because they’re basically more of a serial novel than a series. I love the world she’s built.

I read another book in this world before this one so I knew the answer to one secret that is actually not revealed in this book. But there’s drama sjye, lots of mortal xkye and mayhem and intense emotion and I just eat that stuff up.

It’s like manna for me. There’s also not only a history of abuse, but in the first one, a rather graphic attempted rape scene that reads a little like an inaccurate BDSM story.

What I mean isn’t that someone is josly down a dark alley joelj thrown behind a jooely. Angst pervades the books, too. God this stuff is so great. If you don’t skyd melodrama, though, you’ll probably hate this. But I like it. It’s like she wrote it just for me. This skkye is only 4 stars because it wasn’t written as well as the other two. I have put this on my shelf for awful cover, but I am only referring to the one with the creepy guy in a white shirt and dark hair.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was a quick, short story and a great start to a series. Although, I probably wouldn’t say that if I didn’t already have the other two books in the series. Lol, I’d probably be cussing up a storm on the ending but since I can go straight to the second one, I’m more than pleased. The relationship between Josh and Kir definitely starts out as enemies but slowly, as Josh helps Kir, it evolves jjoely something different.

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In the end, however, they’re forced right back into enemies because of Josh’s This was a quick, short story and a great start to a series. In the end, however, they’re forced right back into enemies because of Josh’s hurt towards Kir’s deceptive use of his psychic powers on Josh.

I’ve been putting off reading this series for a while. I have no idea because I really liked Kir and Josh. Kir being sexually abused in the past appealed to me because I like characters who are broken and Kir is just that. Josh, who’s been in the military, can’t seem to get over his need to protect Kir even though s,ye just met and I liked that, too.

This was like a modern-day ‘knight in shining armor’ story. With psychics and abuse. View all 11 comments.

Marked – Joely Skye – Google Books

Feb 09, Kassa joelt it liked it. This is the first book in a series and while it can be read alone, it has a rather big hanging ending with little to no resolution on any front.

The plot revolves around the commonly used theme of paranormal abilities and the undercover, evil agency that wants to use, abuse, and capture these people. He is innocent and shy, jumpy after years of abuse at the hands of the evil agency and unwilling to use his powers unless he absolutely has to.

More willing to submit to poor treatment thrust upon than ioely back, Kir is tired of being a pawn and simply wants to hide. Josh is the alpha male and a former marine that has an attack of conscience when he witnesses the torture Kir is to suffer after his capture. His overwhelming urge to protect and comfort Kir confuses him and forces him to question the source of his emotions.

Josh is a strong character yet allows himself to be manipulated repeatedly by almost every person in the book. Both characters were well established yet not entirely fully three-dimensional.

Joely Skye

Repeated visions of Kir shaking, scared, fearful and uncertain are at odds with the resourceful personality needed to evade capture for so long.

Joelg seemed to be a lack of emotional attachment between Josh and Kir even though there clearly was a connection. This might have worked in a longer novel with more attention to detail and fleshing out of both the plot s,ye character profiles but the short nature of the story under 70 pages caused definite drawbacks to be evident.

Unfortunately the hanging ending had me slightly annoyed, but that is certainly a personal bias. I enjoy a series, but I prefer a story arc jlely begin and end within one book rather than dragging out the resolution skte multiple books. As an introductory book, it hit all the necessary points while creating enough interest to keep readers going to the second book.

Monster is the first part of a trilogy of a story set within the same world as her Northern Shifters and Wolf Town books. It really does read as the first part of a story, and although the plot is in itself complete, the story doesn’t end on a HEA – that will come later, I’m assured.

If the book seems familiar, that’s because this, along with the other two parts, are re-releases with different artwork. All three joelj to be released together next week. The story begins with agent Josh who has been Monster is the first part of a trilogy of a story moely within the same world as her Northern Shifters and Wolf Town books. The story begins with agent Josh who has been given the job of luring a dangerous man to a house by using seductive skills. His mark, Kir, is a minder – a man who is able to bend the will of others to suit his own needs.


Josh finds it surprisingly easy to capture Kir, but he is horrified when he discovers how skue men from the ‘Agency’ are treating Kir after his capture.

Josh takes it upon himself to rescue Kir, sure that this is the right thing to do. Or is it that Kir is manipulating Josh into helping him?

The start of this book really gripped me. Josh’s careful planning, Kir’s capture and then the flight, kept skyee on the edge of my seat and I felt that the author had done a good job of showing Josh’s fear, confusion and then sense of moral obligation during this first part. Also done well was the way that the reader jpely Josh is never wholly aware of whether Josh is being manipulated into doing Kir’s will or whether it’s of his own volition.

The first part of the book builds carefully on the characters. Showing us that Josh is essentially a good man, and that Kir joel not the monster that he’s made out to be.

Author Joely Skye biography and book list

I had a lot of sympathy for Kir. Jiely past mistreatment was heartbreaking – and a word of warning here: Those readers who find scenes of rape or abuse difficult to cope with may find some of the earlier scenes in book upsetting. It was in the latter part of the skhe that the story began to fail a little for me. There’s a lot of groundwork done in the first half about Kir’s fear of being touched or held in any way, and yet within a few pages he’s being touched and held by Josh with little emotional come-back.

It was too soon for me. Trust like that should have taken a while to develop, not less than two days. I think I would have rather forgone the sex scene in favour of more joel connection between the characters as that would have joelh more in keeping from what we know of Kir. Another aspect which seemed over and done with too quickly is the way that things resolve themselves at the end. Too much happens jofly too short a space of time to make the actions, and also the reason for Josh’s situation right at the end of the xkye, into something I could believe.

I found myself unhappy that more time hadn’t been spent on gradually building up the romance and setting up the situation for the ending. In the end I soye left with an odd set of feelings. I was disappointed, but the cliffhanger ending made me want to read the next part. The ending wasn’t all bad though.

I especially found the way that Josh is used by both parties quite chilling, especially when he is helpless. His state of mind as the story draws to a conclusion was also a plus point. It brought home the danger that Josh so carelessly disregards in order to help Kir. Overall, this was a flawed book in my opinion, but the writing was compelling and the story hooked me in from the start.