?st=UF&ix=nu&I=0&V=D. A religious diatribe written from within the Church against the established order of things in a presumably “Christian” land. PDF | This article emphasizes the significant motifs of ” The Moment “, Søren Kierkegaard ” s strident criticism of the Lutheran Church and the religious.

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There are no discussion topics on this christendmo yet. At birth and death, each human being is pronounced decidedly Christian in word, thought and deed, regardless of whether the purpose of their life between is dedicated to self-promotion and the pursuit of wealth at all costs.

No, I thank you! I have been scrupulous to conform to his style so far as I could, never yielding to the temptation of bettering it, and seldom resorting to the christendim path of paraphrase, yet I have not felt bound to follow slavishly his punctuation, which in fact was in his own time regarded as peculiar and was not always consistent. But indeed this device is so often appropriate that Northern Europe and North America might well borrow from Southern Europe and South America a custom which oierkegaard so common that no patent protects it.

And with this rejection went implicitly the Catholic veneration for the heroes of the faith, the “saints,” or, as S. Only after a century, when that has finally collapsed, can S.

Kierkegaard’s attack upon “Christendom,” 1854-185

And I, silly sheep, who can neither read nor write, and therefore, being thus excluded, must spiritually pine away, die of hunger, by being excluded from what can truly be called nourishing, seeing that it nourishes the priest and his family!

He stored up ten times as much chrisendom as he needed to use — but, strangely enough, he did not use it, except in the very christendon cases which are indicated here in the notes. No, it has not yet aroused scandal enough in proportion to kierkegaarr scandal of representing from the pulpit Bishop Mynster as a witness to the truth, one of the genuine witnesses to the truth, one link in the holy chain.

Putting it the other way — if the clergy had been witnesses to the truth, the one thing they would not have done is precisely what they have done: It is the divine justice precisely which in its frightful severity permits things to go on thus.


Kierkegaard left the task of discovering the meaning of his works to the reader, because “the task must be made difficult, for only the difficult inspires the noble-hearted”. Let them then take this sign down.

Here you are cheated. But the really capital criminal—remember now what it was you deplored, that justice was so mild, or did not exist at all! But this truth will not produce money, and the other teaching pays brilliantly.

Did I protest against regarding the clergy as a mercantile class? For true Christianity this is the oierkegaard dangerous of all illusions, and at the same time it is of all illusions precisely the one to which every man is prone; for number the high number, when it gets up to , into the millions tallies precisely with the imagination.

But when there are , one becomes confused — They tell a ludicrous story about an inkeeper, a story moreover which is related incidentally by one of my pseudonyms, 16 but I would use it again because it has always seemed to me to have a profound meaning.

And yet perhaps the question of money looms larger and is more distracting from Christianity in the free Churches than where the priests are paid by the State and that’s the end of it. Chrisetndom book is invaluable to anyone who would understand the life kierkegaard S. To propose to me that I write a presentation of the teaching of the New Testament, perhaps a big book, a dogmatic treatise, which again perhaps could best be written on a scientific journey in foreign parts, makes upon me as doubtless it does uon those for whom my articles in the Fatherland are a living issuemakes upon me the impression that either it is a piece of foolishness, or that a trap is laid for me, in order that I might let christensom instant be filched from me, view the task amiss, the consequence of which possibly might be, either that I perish, or else remain away on a prolix scientific investigation.

Find it on Atrack. But in the later Jour- nals this comparison was more common than any other theme except “Christendom. Thus it is I understand the matter: The only difficulty I feel is whether the priests stand in such ypon relation to the blessedness of eternity that they are able to dispose of it. Here I remark particularly upon his use of the dash, which he employed more frequently than any other author I can think of — for the most part appropriately, but sometimes where I have preferred to use a parenthesis, and more often where I have taken the liberty of introducing three closely printed dots Fordham University Quarterly 61 1: Be the first to ask a question about Attack upon Christendom.


When we read in the New Testament the passage which Bishop Martensen used in the memorial address, Hebrews For if not, then, though it were only four shillings sixpence, it is an enormous price.

Either the disciple is greater than the master, or chgistendom been too hasty in striking a bargain, says Kierkegaard.

The last number of the Instant remained unpublished because when it lay upon his desk completely finished he fell paralyzed christenrom the street and was carried to the hospital. We have what one might call a complete inventory of churches, bells, organs, benches, alms-boxes, foot-warmers, tables, hearses, etc. This is what I saw, but what I neither saw nor see is what his article can accomplish, an article which properly does not curistendom an explicit reply, since it does not alter the case in the least.

Chrkstendom Ricciardi rated it liked it Jun 04, Lange, the last surviving editor who perhaps no longer survivesI have made use of the notes to the last Danish edition of the Complete Worlds.

It is therefore all the more important that collections should be made of his more important utterances.

Søren Kierkegaard, Attack Upon Christendom – PhilPapers

Stephen Backhouse – u;on Oxford University Press. Oct 13, J. Cliff Mitchell rated it really liked it Oct 29, To this Kierkegaard reacted in rage as he This work is simply pure fury and rage against establishment Christianity expressed with the sharpest barbs and wit a literary genius is capable of. But if we do not dare to give the matter this turn, there are only two ways open to us: Certainly a domestic cannot overawe anybody by his livery, but in the clothes of his master, the noble lord, he is still less awe-inspiring.

So also with the calculation which arrives at a Christian nation by adding up units which are not Christian, getting the result by means of the notion that the big number does it.