Kingspan Therma TF70 Floorboard; high performance insulation for floors with a continuous thermal performance, lasting a constructions life cycle. Kingspan TF70, TW55 and TP10 are readily available in the following product thicknesses 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm. Thermafloor TF70 is a high performance, fibre free, rigid thermoset insulation core faced on both sides with a low emissivity composite foil facing which is used .

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Kingspan TF70 25mm, 12 x 1.

Beam and block floors should be level and grouted. Celotex FF is purpose designed for use in internal underfloor, under-screed, heating applications. Damaged boards or boards that have been in contact with harsh solvents or acids should not be used. Manufactured in Castleblayney this non-fibrous product can reduce the cost of related items such as soil removal and service connections.

Timber floor boards e. Unfortunately, further to the recent supply challenges with PIR and Phenolic insulation boards from Celotex, Kingspan, Ecotherm and Recticel, available stock of these product will vary throughout the country.

Any narrow gaps between a joist and perimeter wall should be insulated by specially cut pieces of board which in turn should be supported on blocks nailed to the underside of the joists. The insulation core is not resistant to some solvent—based adhesives systems, particularly those containing methyl ethyl ketone.


Bree Industrial Estate Castleblayney Co. Contact our experienced technical services department today. Where there are long over 5 metresuninterrupted lengths of timber floor boards, proprietary intermediate expansion joints should be installed on the basis of a 2 mm gap per metre run.

Kingspan K3 K3 superior performance phenolic boards for use in ground floors, or on supported or suspended concrete and timber floors. Kingspan TF70 90mm, 3 x 1. Gaps less than 25 mm wide should be filled with expanding urethane sealant. However, it is recommended that any spills be cleaned off fully before the boards kngspan installed.

50mm Thermafloor TF70 PIR Insulation Board Kingspan

Please click “Accept and close” to accept the use of cookies on our website. Installation in a Suspended Timber Floor Installation from Above the Floor Joists The installation of Kingspan Thermafloor TF70 in suspended floor constructions should be carried out before commencement of floor boarding.

Test – BS —3: This may affect the rates; we will of course discuss possible solutions with you before proceeding and will do our best to keep additional costs down. Our product brochures include U-value tables, handling advice and installation guidance.

Construction work started immediately and was completed in with the official opening taking place on May 2nd Thermafloor TF70 Download Download.

If correctly applied, the TF70 Board has an indefinite life.

Kingspan Thermafloor TF70

Select products below to see pricing structure Use product tick-boxes to select required products Add to Basket Kingspan TF70 20mm, 15 x 1. Ensure that insulation boards are fitted tightly between the joists, and any gaps are filled with expanding urethane sealant. A thin sand blinding may be used to achieve a continuous level surface free from projections over rolled hardcore. The size of the battens selected should ensure that, when installed, the top surface of the insulation boards are flush with the top of the battens.


Please observe the ‘Star Rating’ indicators to assess availability. An expansion gap of 2 mm per metre run of floor, or a minimum of 10 mm overall, whichever is the greater, should be provided between the floor boards and the perimeter walls. Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products Result – Class 1 rating.

Products from our Kooltherm and Therma ranges have helped to transform a derelict water tower in North Yorkshire into a striking family home. The subsequent installation of the concrete slab and screed or other flooring material is carried out in a manner similar to that for an un—insulated floor.

Kingspan TF70 Thermawall Rigid PIR Insulation Boards

The installation of Kingspan Thermafloor TF70 in suspended floor constructions should be carried out before commencement of floor boarding. Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn.

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