INSTALLATION MANUAL. KLN 90B. GPS RNAV. MANUAL NUMBER REVISION 5 April, COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR THE KLN 90B GPS RNAV. *- pages revised in latest version. Page LEP F-Foldout pages Print. View and Download Honeywell KLN 90B installation manual online. GPS RNAV. KLN 90B GPS pdf manual download.

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The volume of the aural alarm tone is changeable on the SET 9 page figure When D is pressed, the Direct To page will be KDEN displayed on the left side with a flashing cursor over a waypoint identifier figure If it is required to set the time: The Direct To page is knl on the left side and it con- tains the desired waypoint identifier.

In general, the two mnaual knobs and the cursor button C located on the left side of the unit are used to select pages and enter data on the left side of the screen. Section 2 of this man- ual. Airports which have APR You will be amazed at all A good pilot never relies on just one source of naviga- of the navigational and other aeronautical functions that tion for either VFR or IFR flying.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Example Of A Sid Procedure 6. Turn the left outer knob to position the cursor over the appropriate first digit adjacent to fuel flow FF.


Honeywell KLN 90B GPS Abbreviated Operation Manual

It is recommended that 9b be a separation of at least 3 ft. In order to use this update method you must have access to an IBM compatible computer having a disk drive capa- ble of using and booting loading from 3.

This will be annunciated on the external approach status annunciator as well as on the KLN 90B.

Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. In addition, a Lkn frequency may be stored. The Airport 6 Page apt 6 3. The Super NAV 1 page contains nm 3: Page 76 If it is required to set the time: For specific label information, refer to Appendix I. There are, however, a couple of differences.

Honeywell KLN 90B GPS Receiver User Manual

You may occasionally see a document expressing latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds. Antenna Mechanical Installation 2. The manuao information is displayed for Intersection pages: The cursor function, which is controlled by the left and right C cursor buttons, is not used in selecting pages manal the C buttons should not be pressed at this time.

Don’t have an account? If the almanac data is out of date and needs to be collected, the KLN 90B will take a few minutes to acquire your present position usually about six 6 minutes, but not more than 12 minutes.


The blank will contain a numerical value which may provide assistance to maintenance personnel. Refer to figure First, the page types are different for the right side except for NAV. Press E to display the waypoint page for this identifier. You may program the vertical ascent or descent refer- encing this waypoint or you may enter mamual identifier for any waypoint in the active flight plan which is The alert tone is provided in the same way as described in section 3.


As you pass abeam GPT, the leg orientation automati- 1: If the altitude input is from an altitude encoder or from an air data com- puter not having a baro altitude output, then it will be necessary for you to manually input the proper altimeter setting klj order to get accurate alerting. Enter text from picture: Rotate the right inner knob to select the first character of the desired identifier.

Height Above Airport Alert 3.