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Table of Contents Taf di questa tr Installazione e discussioni relative Preliminary considerations and preparations Configurazione del sistema, amministrazione e messa a punto Using packages from pkgsrc Device busy 67 8. Rete e discussioni relative Contribuire lfgge guida a NetBSD PAM chain execution summary Tool per i fingerprint di Veriexec Si rivolge principalmente a chi proviene da altri sistemi operativi con la speranza di essere utile per la soluzione tad molti piccoli problemi che si riscontrano quando si inizia ad utilizzare un nuovo strumento.

Devi conoscere, per esempio, che cosa sia un file ed una directory e come utilizzare un editor. Negli anni seguenti le modifiche della versione 4. La branca BSD di Unix ha avuto una grande importanza e influenza nella storia di questo sistema operativo, al quale ha contribuito con molti strumenti, idee e miglioramenti che sono ora standard in tutti gli ambienti Unix: Le caratteristiche base di NetBSD sono: Dettagli tecnici per tutte queste architetture possono essere trovati sul sito di NetBSD http: Tutti i pacchetti che ti aspetti di trovare su un buon sistema configurato sono disponibili per NetBSD gratuitamente e ci sono anche un numero di applicazioni commerciali.

Puoi trovare una lista aggiornata sulla pagina http: Preliminary considerations and preparations 2. If there is already something on the hard disk, think how you can free some space for NetBSD; if NetBSD will share the disk with other operating systems lefge will probably need to create a new aggoirnata which you will do with sysinst and, maybe, to resize an existing one.

It is not possible to resize an existing partition with sysinst, but there are some commercial products like Partition Magic and some free tools FIPS, pfdisk available for this.

You can also install NetBSD on a separate hard disk. We recommend to install NetBSD on its own, separate hard disk! This will avoid the risk to damage the existing operating system. Setting up a dual- or multi-boot system is a task for experienced users. Emulators or virtualization environments provide a fast and secure way to try out Aggiornata. The host operating system aggiornta unchanged, and the risk to damage important data is limited.

This requires the correct setup of an emulation software or virtualization leggd on the hosting operating system. It is available in various formats, usually. In this case you have to trust sysinst, which automatically determines the geometry and usually gets it right. It is sensible to be aware of geometry issues that may arise in relation to the used hard disk. First of all, you should know about sector size. You can count on this to be bytes; other sizes are rare and currently not supported.


Of particular interest are the number of sectors per track, the number of tracks per cylinder also known as the number of headsand the number of cylinders. Together they 1043 the disk geometry. This is because of the old programming interface to the BIOS that restricts these values. Most of the big disks currently being used have more than real cylinders.

Some have more than 63 sectors per track. Therefore, the BIOS can be instructed to use a fake geometry that accesses most of the disk and the fake geometry has less than aggilrnata equal to cylinders and less than or equal to 63 sectors.

This is possible because the disks can be addressed in a way that is not restricted aggiornqta these values, and the BIOS can internally perform a translation. NetBSD does not have the mentioned limitations with regard to the geometry.

The install program will check this for you, and will give you a chance to correct this if this is not the case. While they are not needed by NetBSD as such, doing so will remove the limitations mentioned above, and will avoid hassle should you wish to share the disk with other systems.

Do not change these settings if you already have data on the disk that you want abgiornata preserve! Preliminary considerations and preparations In any case, it is wise to check the BIOS settings for the hard disk geometry before beginning the installation, and write them down. While this should usually not be needed, it enables you to verify llegge the install program determines these values correctly. It is less of a concern if the disk is going to agggiornata used entirely for NetBSD.

If you intend to have several OSes on your disk, this becomes a much larger issue. The installation program mentions two types of hard disk geometries: The disk used in the installation example is an IDE disk with the following geometries: During the aggiormata it is possible to change manually the geometry if sysinst got it wrong.

NetBSD describes the disk layout through the disklabel.

Guida a NetBSD – Il progetto NetBSDit-docs |

Preliminary considerations and preparations Figure Other ports use different conventions e. If NetBSD shares the hard disk with another operating system like in the previous example you will probably need to install a boot manageri. Additional disk space will be needed for a swap partition, applications and for the users data.

Before you begin the installation, make sure that you have a reliable backup of any operating systems and data on the used hard disk. Mistakes in partitioning your hard disk may lead to data loss. Already installed operating systems may become unbootable. The first part is the installation kernel. The sysinst program will prepare the disk: The second part of the install system are the binary distribution sets, the files of the NetBSD operating system.

The installer needs to have access to the distribution sets. On big disks like CDs or memory cards, the install kernel and distribution sets can be stored together. Please see the mirrors list http: Preliminary considerations and preparations for a laptop. Before you create the installation disks on floppies, you should always check that the floppies are good: The procedure to write floppies is: To create the boot floppy in an Unix environment, the dd command can be used: A K floppy contains bytes and is made up of 80 cylinders, 2 tracks, 18 sectors and bytes per sector, i.


Any bootable disk with GRUB already installed will work: The install kernel can be downloaded from one of the FTP mirrors: The distribution sets can also be stored into the directory, but this is optional as the sets can also be downloaded later via the sysinst installer. The next step is to boot GRUB.

Guida a NetBSD – Il progetto NetBSDit-docs

This will boot the NetBSD installation system. The concepts are the same for all types of installation; the only difference is in the way the binary sets are found by sysinst. Some details of the installation differ depending on legeg NetBSD release: The examples from this chapter were created with NetBSD 4.

The data from the following install screens are just exemplary values. Do not simply copy them, as your hardware and configuration details may be different! In the first part you create a partition for NetBSD and you write the disklabel for that partition. In the second part you decide which distribution sets you want to install and extract the files in the newly created partitions.

The distribution sets are the operating system. At the end of the first part nothing has yet been written to the hard disk and you are prompted to confirm the installation.

If you confirm, the installation goes on, else you are brought back to the main menu and the hard disk remains unchanged. If for some reason this does not work for you, you can use the map ldgge the following table. The kernel on the installation medium is booted and starts displaying a lot of messages on the screen, most of which say something about hardware not being found or not being aggiornaga. Selecting the language When the boot procedure is over you will find yourself in the NetBSD installation program, sysinst, shown in Figure The sysinst screens all have more or less the same layout: Start with the selection of agiornata language you prefer for the installation procedure.

The next screen Figure will allow you to select a suitable keyboard type. Selecting a keyboard type This will bring you to the main menu of the installation program Figure If more than one disk is available, sysinst displays a list of disks from which you need to choose one.

Choosing a hard disk Sysinst will then ask whether you want to do a full, minimal or custom installation. NetBSD is broken into a collection of distributions sets. This step 12 Chapter 3 Example installation is shown in Figure Full or custom installation If you chose to do a custom installation, sysinst allows you to choose which distribution sets to install, as shown in Figure Selecting distribution sets 13 Chapter 3 Example installation 3. First, you need to specify if NetBSD will use a partition suggested choice or the whole disk.