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They look so soft! Might is Everything Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. You wanna house Felicia? Felicia did exactly what she was told. The groping wasn’t an issue. Here Comes the Spider! Felicia wrapped her in a tight hug, then ran off. It is time for bed, for little kitties. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Felicia’s and Morrigan’s smile faded. But tommorrow, we are looking for a roommate for you. Fifth Wall Crisis Morrigan looked at her, then her bats form a midriff baring shirt, and a short skirt, with knee-high socks, and heels.


She could deal with that she is a succubus, ya know. I don’t feel free at all in this!

You aren’t wearing much! But a horrible bedfellow. Felicia, I want you to try something,” Morrigan said. Chapter 7- Kitty “Please, Morrigan!

You or the cat? Your review has been posted.

Why can’t you stay with her? Felicia stared dumbly at her. After she left go, Morrigan breathed a large breath.

To be honest, Felicia was cute.

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Games Marvel vs Capcom. X narrowed her eyes. Is that okay with you? She smiled a bright smile. Hsien-Ko told me she keeps groping her. Fifteen minutes later, Morrigan came back, holding 113382 human shaped, more specifically a feminine shaped, body pillow. Vote or Die 3. I can’t have you walking around with me, nude,” Morrigan said, putting her hair back in a ponytail.

We can share a room. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. The Finger Lazers Goddess of the Sun I don’t think I can-” “That’s why I said try. Felicia snuggled up closer to her, head resting on her breasts. Too Poor to Afford a Shirt 1382. Felicia giggled, probably not understanding the joke.


House of Galactus Chapter 7: Kitty, a marvel vs capcom fanfic | FanFiction

I can do it, Morrigan! Just In All Stories: The Will of a Lawyer The giant groping paws, engulfing her chest. Then she formed a wide grin. I won’t take up too much room! That looks more free to me Felicia lie groping was going to be an issue.

Give it a night, and if you can’t do it, I promise you can stay in my room any night you want to.