LOS SECUESTRADOS DE ALTONA by JEAN-PAUL SARTRE at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Losada – Title: Teatro. Los secuestrados de Altona. Publisher: Editorial Losada, S.A.. Publication Date: Binding: EncuadernaciĆ³n de tapa blanda. Book Condition. : Los secuestrados de Altona/ The Kidnapped of Altona (Spanish Edition) () by Jean-Paul Sartre and a great selection of similar.

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Johanna tells Werner that she will leave, who replies he will stay without if necessary, and they both exit. A flashback is shown where Franz regrets ordering the death of two partisans.

I shall love you when I have won you. Leni begins to talk about the two prisoners Franz allowed Heinrich decuestrados kill, and Johanna comes to the realization that Franz had many people tortured and killed. Franz exits, and Leni, who realizes their intent, tells Johanna “[In seven minutes] my Porsche will be in the water The final act begins in the large room where the first act took place. Tell them “You are not my judges,: To obey and to command is the same thing.

The flashbacks reveal Franz’s opposition to the Nazis and relate the encounters which forced him to enlist and later to seal himself up.

She says that Franz would give Father his interview. With a wind, a wind that comes from afar. The thirtieth century no longer replies. We shall find each other again, Werner, I swear it. You pay him to let you know what orders to give.

Franz reveals that he knows Johanna is lying to him about Germany. You’ll see nothing but the blaze there, poor Crustaceans. As for me, have you considered what I shall be thinking all that time? How far would we have to go for you to forget my brother?


He demands that she tell him Germany seceustrados is crumbling as Leni says, and she exits. He admits “I pretended that I was locking myself up so that I shouldn’t witness Germany’s agony. He tells Johanna that she is, like him, a recluse. I wanted a wife, and I’ve only possessed her corpse. Leni calls him a coward, afraid of words. That’s what you would like me to be, and then you could comfort me.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She exits as Franz begins another internal dialogue with his crabs. It won’t be nice. When he asks what will, she answers it would be best if he “did away with himself”, yet she asks him to “come back to life” altonz to come out of his seclusion and take over the business so that she and Werner would be free. Authenticity Bad faith mauvaise foi Existence precedes essence Les Temps modernes.

Some of these comments serve a functional or descriptive role in the plot while simultaneously carrying a philosophic aside. He returns to the newspaper, which proves that Germany is truly alive aotona well.

Leni notices lipstick on a champagne glass and reveals that Father has told her Franz has been seeing Johanna. One and one make one – there’s our mystery.

Los Secuestrados de Altona (Spanish Edition): Jean-Paul Sartre: : Books

The beast was hiding, and suddenly we surprised his look deep in the eyes of our neighbors. How you hate me! Gelb is German for seceustrados color “yellow”, which in English can also mean “cowardly”.

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He claims that it is not incest, and that he has not desired her. Leni asks whether he is being kept prisoner, and Johanna responds: Pointing to the bathroom The liar is in there. The latter, who has been officially reported dead, has locked himself up, since his return from the front, and refuses to see anyone except his younger sister Leni.

What did you want? Franz takes the blame for the incident and is made to be deported. Johanna looking at him: I believe in his crabs more than he does.

Seeming to speak of the crabs, she tells Franz “they’ll kill you seecuestrados you don’t defend yourself. Because you love him.

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Leni tells her father that she has not told Franz of his condition. She says no, and Werner asks. The title recalls his formulation “Man is condemned to be free.

Majorthe von Gerlachs: Leni swears secuesfrados obey her father’s last wishes, but admits that she does not hold to her oaths. Johanna tells Werner that he is only trying to act tough, and says that if they stay, she will see Franz everyday.

In order to save Werner, Johanna determines ee investigate the mystery of Franz’s seclusion. Sartre considers the possibility that the German soldiers themselves were guilty of enabling Nazi war crimes: Meanwhile, flashbacks are shown involving Franz.