LWUIT demo contains a ContainerList sample in the Scroll demo. There is also an explanation in our blog Generally. animations · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. events · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. geom · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. html · LWUIT . Time to market (since when): Already available for download as part of LWUIT (for the themes); the additional support for AMAyA anticipated to be available .

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To avoid that, I need to use ContainerList.

The Lightweight UI Toolkit library is strictly a widget UI library and does not try to abstract the underlying system services such as networking or storage. The term lightweight indicates that the widgets in the library draw their state in Java source without native peer rendering.

In Color A and Color D fields, type in ffffff. You can also affect the performance by changing the emulator’s heap size.

Select the Margin tab. Every style type has the [Default Style] global scope where you can define your own defaults for components although this won’t replace LWUIT’s builtin defaults such as the button borders. A timeline is lwuut set of images that can be moved rotated, scaled, and blended to provide interesting animation effects.


This application shows a contacts list and provides date and time information for contacts displayed on the home page. By the way, the keynote slides are available hereif you want to follow along while listening to the podcast. Localization L10N Resource bundles support localization resources, allowing the developer to store key-value pairs within the resource file.

Loadable fonts support specifying a font as a name or even 11.5 a TrueType font file, if the underlying operating system supports such fonts, the font object would be created. For information on this release, see the product page at:. Input 5 in Top, Bottom, Left and Right spinners. System fonts use basic native fonts and are based on the common MIDP fonts. If you invoke setAlignment elsewhere it tries to be “smart” and invokes the style alignments breaking everything.

These image can be used to draw desktop quality fonts on a device without requiring specific support from the device. There seems to be an issue with selected style.

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How do I write to memory card? Houdini April 30, at 1: This site uses cookies. Top Posts Way cool: In the Width and Height spinners, type Select the Color Tab. Defaults to TrueType font.

From the Menu choose About for a description of the demo.


However, this luit is specifically for MIDP. This abstraction is achieved using several key classes that hide the system specific equivalents to said classes, such as Graphics, Image and Font.

Copyright of the source code belongs to FVE and Oracle. Description of the illustration add.

Introducing the Lightweight UI Toolkit Library

Uncheck the Derive Font check box. Search results can be mapped. I am sure this has improvements though. Click the Add button again and select Title from the Component combo box.

Note that a resource bundle can contain more than one theme. Kalai Selvan Ravi 2, 2 10 Different platforms have different font support. The label component alignment works fine only differently. If false no bitmap luit of the font is created. Click the Border Wizard button on the top of the UI area.

CodenameOne Blog: LWUIT Released (finally!)

This allows discovery via trial and error. Type 25 in the Left and Right spinners. Defaults to True, relevant only when src is used.