The complete series list for – A Novel of the Kyndred Lynn Viehl. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres. The Kyndred book series by Lynn Viehl includes books Shadowlight, Dreamveil, Frostfire: A Novel of the Kyndred, and several more. See the complete Kyndred. I don’t know how this series got past me, because I loved the DARKYN series. Included below are reviews for all four novels. But first, here’s an.

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As a monstrous assassin closes in and forces them to run, Jessa will have to find another way to discover if Matthias is her greatest ally—or her deadliest enemy. She and her family currently live in Florida. My references are genuine, and I have the experience required for the position.

So why am I here? Her frosted pink fingernails, however, remained curled into the armrests. I’ll let you get started on these”—he handed Ellen a clipboard with a number of blank forms on it—”while I grab some coffee. Would you like a cup? Absently she crossed her ankles, showing off her metallic silver pumps. As soon as Caleb left the room, however, Ellen Farley put the clipboard on his desk, stood, and came over to the panel. Jessa knew that on Ellen’s side of the wall, the panel appeared to be nothing more than a mirror with an ornate frame hanging behind Caleb’s desk.

Expensive is as expensive does. Ellen Farley is the perfect candidate for comptroller. What’s setting off your bells, boss? Jessa gestured at Ellen’s tasteful floral sheath.

Bring her to me after she finishes the busywork. Walking up the back lynnn to her office gave Jessa time to think. She often used small, seemingly insignificant details like Ellen Farley’s designer-clone shoes as rationale for further assessment of the applicants sent to them by their clients.

By doing so she’d acquired a reputation for having a keen eye, and even Caleb, one of her most trusted employees, believed in it. Jessa had been very careful to cultivate that misconception. Her ability to discover exactly what people hid from their employers had made Phoenix, Inc.

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Angela Witt, her technical supervisor, ljnn her outside her office. Tall, rawboned, and a little awkward, Angela was barely out of her teens, and had originally come to the agency as a temp. Jessa had quickly discovered the very young secretary had a natural gift for computers, multitasking, and resource management, as well as a desperate need for permanence and a sense of purpose.

Bellamy, Caleb said you flagged Ms. What did I miss? It’s like you have liar radar. I’ll run her name again and see what I can find. Jessa stepped into her office and serise the door.

Lynn Viehl

She’d personally designed her workspace to be quiet and uncluttered. Two clear Lucite columns supported the massive slab of polished black granite that served as her desk. Against one white wall, Asian black lacquer cabinets inlaid lynnn delicate mother-of-pearl lotus flowers concealed her office equipment, and faced a four-by-five-foot print of Ansel Adams’s Birds on a Beach over a modular black leather seating unit that vjehl a seriees table that was merely a smaller version of her desk.

In the center of the table stood a crystal vase filled with fresh flowers. She’d had the back wall replaced with a single panel of glass, which provided a wide view of Peachtree Street and the Armstrong building.

For the floor she’d commissioned and imported labradorite stone tiles from Sweden, which glowed with an ever-changing blue-green-amber light under the recessed incandescent fixtures in the white ceiling.

At the corners of each tile were small, silver disks that to the naked eye appeared to be decorative touches. Seriew disk was hardwired to perform three different functions when activated by the remote: Her workspace appeared more like a room in a minimalist art gallery than an office, but it suited her tastes and kept anyone else who entered from getting too comfortable.


Jessa opened the doors to the cabinet nearest her desk to check her surveillance equipment. Six monitors showed six different-angled views of her office via the minicameras hidden all around the room. She picked up a small transceiver, switched it to take over her office line, and tucked it over her ear.

She removed a slim remote sitting inside the cabinet and placed it in her jacket pocket. A knock sounded, and Jessa went to stand behind her desk before she called for the person to come in.

Caleb entered with an unhappy Ellen Kynrded following him, but after performing introductions and handing Jessa kynrred file, he excused himself and left.

You were recruited to work for CitiCom, where you were promoted to assistant comptroller, paid very well, and then resigned a year later. It’s one big old-boys’ network. Jessa closed the file. I believe our old-boys’ network is in its fifth generation. She was as suspicious as she was defensive, which might mean she was everything she claimed to be, or not. Then they told me I had to come over here right away, or I wouldn’t eligible for hire. It scared the heck out of me. Jessa stood in the center of what appeared to be a cheap hotel room.

The odors of cigarette smoke, sweat, and sex nearly choked her as she gazed down at the two bodies writhing together on the worn paisley carpeting. Neither had undressed completely, but the man’s buttocks gleamed white beneath a low tan line, and shook as he thrust himself into Ellen Farley with eager, frantic movements. She could feel their lust crawling inside her head, dragging with it everything they thought.

While Ellen’s mind focused on the need tightening in her pelvis, her lover Max’s thoughts were at odds with his enthusiasm. We’ll never have to work another day of our lives. Max Grodan was already rich, Jessa knew. He could leave Ellen and never have to work another day for ten lifetimes—and he had worked very hard to keep Ellen from discovering that. The image in Max’s mind was of a shallow grave, but it was empty. At least until he shoved Ellen’s limp body over the edge. Jessa released the other woman’s hand, smiled, and watched her leave the office.

As soon as the door closed, she dropped down into her chair and buried her face in her hands. She sat like that until the worst of the shakes from her vision stopped and she could think of something other than running after Ellen and pleading with her not to go anywhere near Max.

With a trembling hand she picked up her phone and dialed a two-digit extension. She flipped open the file and gazed at Ellen’s date of birth. To use identity records belonging to another person, Ellen would have had to choose someone born prior to —the year the United States began issuing social security numbers—with digits that could be easily doctored.

The digit 1 could be easily changed to a 4—or a 7. Ellen Ann Farley, borndied If the certificate numbers match, we’ll move on to social security.

You’re never wrong about people, Ms. The man on the other side of the window stood in the shade the recessed arch over it provided. While Maribeth saw a lot of men during her rounds of the office buildings she cleaned every day, she couldn’t recall ever noticing one put together like this one. He was too dark to be white, and too light to be black. She would have pegged him as Hispanic or Indian, if not for his dark blond hair and light eyes, but that wasn’t right either.


If fiehl had asked her, she would have said his skin reminded her of her mama’s homemade pralines, all hot and smooth as they cooled on waxed paper in the kitchen. His pretty skin covered broad, heavy muscles, the kind she’d never seen on a white man, not even the ones at the gym around the corner.

When he shifted position, they didn’t ripple; they flowed. The white sleeveless shirt he wore clung to his chest serirs torso like body paint, and made it clear to Maribeth that everything it covered was just as fine as what it exposed.

Adele sucked in a sharp breath as the man turned his head to look at the window. He’s just looking at himself.

Kyndred Series by Lynn Viehl

Maribeth thought of her man, Darnell, who was still home in bed after a long night on the road. Adele sputtered a laugh. On the other side of the window, the man who had taken the name Gaven Matthias decided he’d concealed himself long enough to dispel casual suspicion, and moved out of the shade to cross the street. As he did, he heard the groans of the two women and the one man who had been watching him, and smiled a little as he kept his jacket slung over his arm.

On the other side of the street, he walked down the block, went to a meter, took out a handful of coins, and counted them. Everyone who walked past him paid little attention to what he did; he was simply a man avoiding a parking ticket. They were not aware that he’d claimed the spot many hours before dawn, or that he had spent the time either watching the phone booth next to the parking space or feeding coins to it so he might eavesdrop on every woman who came to use the booth.

Fortunately in this era of mobile phones few seemed to have need of it, and there had been only two since dawn.

The third came as he selected a quarter to add to the meter. He heard the click of her heels on the concrete sidewalk and smelled her scent as she passed. He didn’t look directly at her, but from the corner of his eye he saw the gleaming twist of black hair at the back of her head and the smooth fit of her gray jacket over slim black trousers.

Kyndrev dressed like a man but smelled like good clear water, crisp and cool. He closed his eyes briefly, taking her scent deep into his chest and letting kyndree warm him. Few of his boyhood beliefs had withstood the passage of time and life, but he still kept faith in his senses. They whispered that she had come to him at last, the serie he was meant to find. She smelled of tears and melting snow. Coins chimed as she fed them into the phone, and then her voice brushed against his ears, low and sweet, a taste of dark honey.

She asked for an agent by name, waited, and said, “I have important information for you. Matthias pressed a button on his watch to switch it to its timing function before he fed vienl quarter into the meter and listened.